How VOIP can transform your business

2nd January 2019

There aren’t many ways you can significantly cut the costs of running your business, both quickly and easily, but Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is one of them. By replacing a conventional PSTN or ISDN telephone line – and ditching a traditional telephone company – with a VoIP network, you can save time and money and centralise your business communications.

You will no longer have to pay through the nose for the time you spend on telephone calls, or accrue extra costs for contacting a customer located far away. Switching to VoIP instantly transforms how you communicate with your staff and customers.

Here are several more of the exciting and innovative features that you could benefit from.

More effective customer serviceVOIP for Business

Although one-off sales are driven primarily by cost, customer retention is heavily influenced by excellent customer service. In fact, almost nine out of 10 consumers would pay more for an enhanced customer service experience.

VoIP not only allows you to spend more time communicating directly with your customers, but it also integrates seamlessly with existing Customer Management Systems (CMS). This means that incoming calls will instantly give your telephone operatives access to every piece of information you hold on your valued customers.

This makes difficult or complex calls easier to manage, and allows you and your staff to schedule essential outgoing follow-up calls when your customer requires them. While your customers probably won’t initially notice that you’ve switched your telephone service, they will certainly appreciate talking to more knowledgeable and responsive staff every time they call to do business.

Revolutionise your mobile communications

We’re sure that many of your workers often spend large periods of time outside the office. Well, one of the biggest benefits of switching to VoIP is that your business mobiles can be integrated with your new telephony network. Making an immediate impact on the cost of your mobile calls, you can also make full use of this service by hosting video conference calls on this network.

Not only a wonderful addition to your existing external communications strategy, video conferencing is also a fantastic way of ensuring remote and mobile workers stay on track in their strategies. While it can still feel like a slightly awkward and unnatural way of communicating at first, you’ll most likely find that you come to thrive on video conferencing for your business.

A service that grows with your business

A natural concern when switching to what is essentially a cloud-based service is that you will be the one adapting. With VoIP, this simply isn’t the case. The software will update automatically, and can be configured quickly and easily. In fact, rather than force you into learning new technical skills, it will actually adapt to your needs.

Once you have made the switch, you will only be required to purchase additional hardware when you require additional telephone headsets or workstations for new staff. This means that as your business grows, VoIP for business will grow with you. Contact Planet Telecom today to discuss what our VoIP phone systems can do for you.