Get a Memorable Phone Number for Your Business

Choose a phone number for your business that NO-ONE will ever forget

What makes a telephone number memorable?

For businesses that conduct their operations over the phone, a memorable number is essential to connect with customers. Without one, you are at risk of losing out on potential business. But what are memorable numbers?

Memorable phone numbers are easy to memorise. These are phone numbers that often use words that are related to the business, such as 1-800-EXAMPLE (1-800-392-6753). Otherwise known as “vanity numbers,” these phone numbers use the phonological loop to help customers remember. Instead of repeating a sequence of numbers in their heads, they simply have to remember the first four numbers and the word that follows.

It’s a fact: simple strings of repeating numbers are easier to remember!

Planet Numbers specialise in providing highly memorable ‘golden’ phone numbers for business. Most successful direct response campaigns advertise an 0800 number, and the reason is simple: At least 90% of people trust and recognise that 0800 numbers are free to call!

By using a vanity number, you reduce the risk of potential customers forgetting your business landline. A hone number that is easy to remember is a number that is called more often.

  • A vanity number builds your brand. By using a memorable phone number from the onset, you are creating a lasting impression on your target audience.
  • A vanity number improves customer service. By using a phone number that is easy to memorise, you reduce the amount of work customers have to do to get in touch with you.
  • A vanity number strengthens your marketing campaign. By using a word that represents your business, you improve brand recognition whenever a customer dials your number.

All our numbers include these features, free!

  • Free Call Queuing
  • Free Missed Call Alerts
  • Free Online Call Statistics – track where your business actually comes from
  • Free Online Control – instantly control where calls are delivered

Get the most out of your organisation’s memorable phone number when you choose Planet Numbers. We offer cost-effective phone plans that help you stay connected with your clients, partners and investors.

Choose an unforgettable phone number:

  • Totally memorable – No one will ever forget you. If more people remember your number easily you are bound to do more business.
  • Advertising keeps on working long after the campaign has finished.
  • The number will never change – make dialling codes and number changes a thing of the past.
  • No more stationary and vehicle changes
  • Relocating? Takes the number with you anywhere in the UK and maintain total control of your customer base for the life of your company.
  • Sits on top of your current telephone number and does not replace it.

These amazing 0800 numbers are priced from just £299 set up (one off fee) plus £29.99 a month and include a massive 2000 incoming customer call minutes every month.  To find out more about our 0800 numbers, please click here.

Here’s a small sample of ultra-memorable golden 0800 numbers that are available today:

08000 88 66 990800 075 10000800 096 3333
08000 250 27008000 219 31908000 486 487
08000 886 1000800 999 999408000 30 20 70
08000 751 75108000 30 20 8008000 756 756
08000 758 75808000 219 33308000 755 888
0800 075 100008000 250 25008000 250 260
Lots more memorable 0800 numbers in stock – call us on 08000 886 886 with your requirements.

03 numbers: Great for mobile callers, and cheaper for you

Calls to 0330, 0333 and 0345 numbers cost the same as calls to 01/02 landline numbers, even from a mobile.  Because of this, more and more businesses are changing their numbers to an 03.  We have secured some of the best numbers available. Here’s a small sample of gold 03 numbers that are available for your business today:

03453 19 19 190333 3700 37003450 666 000
0345 067 00000345 222 222 00345 222 222 1
0345 066 22220345 260 700003450 624 624
0345 2222 2000345 319 00000345 066 3000
0345 062 111103333 704 7040345 2222 777
0345 064 99990345 222 22 3303333 700 800
03333 700 900
Lots more quality 03 numbers in stock – call us today, free on 08000 886 886 to discuss your requirements.

Also Available: Memorable ‘local’ Virtual Phone Numbers

Perfect for taxi businesses, takeaway food outlets, or any business that needs a local phone number that won’t be forgotten!

Available NumberTown
01233 433 333Ashford, Kent
01237 222 333Bideford, Devon
01271 21 21 21Barnstaple, Devon
01422 666 666Halifax
01473 366 366Ipswich, Suffolk
01634 62 62 62Medway, Kent
01785 444 555Stafford
01732 666 666Sevenoaks, Kent
01702 802 902Southend of Sea
01844 500 600Thame, Oxfordshire
020 4544 4444London - 0204
020 7047 4849London - 0207
020 8000 9000Central London
024 7777 8888Coventry
Click here to find out more about our virtual phone number service

Additional Services For Your Chosen Numbers:

Call Recording

No more scrabbling for a pen and paper - record any incoming call when you need to

Find out more

Call Queuing

Let your customers know you'll be with them shortly

Find out more

Call Tracking

It's never been more important to know where your business is coming from - call data reports show you instantly.

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Time of Day Routing

Connect your incoming calls to different destinations depending on the time of the day and/or the day of week.

Find out more

Call Whisper

Easily identify which number is being called. Ideal for home workers.

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Divert to Mobile

If you're often out and about, you can divert calls instantly to your mobile so you don't miss any important calls

Post Code Routing

Post Code Routing automatically connects callers to their nearest branch.

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Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Post Call allows activity to continue on the call after either the caller or agent have ended the call.

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Virtual Switchboard

Allows callers to select an option via the telephone keypad to connect their call to their desired department.

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Welcome Greeting

Welcome every call with a friendly and helpful pre-recorded greeting.

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