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Whatsapp Business API

Revolutionise your customer engagement with WhatsApp Business API

Manage thousands of messages per month via our intuitive agent dashboard

Complement and embelish your communication channels with Whatsapp for Business, offering your customers a seamless and instant way of contact, via their native Whatsapp.

Omnichannel Communications

Add WhatsApp to your existing Voice, Email, Trustpilot and more by combining them all under one roof

Data Driven

Use real time sentiment analysis to sculpt your business operations around your customers’ experience

Familiar Responsivity

It has never been easier for your customers to reach you, with your responsive contact centre at their finger tips.

Source and port a range of WhatsApp for Business numbers

Simplify your communication strategy by sourcing and porting WhatsApp for Business numbers through Planet Telecom, providing a reliable and efficient way to expand your reach and enhance customer engagement

Advanced agent desktop enables agents to review and reply to messages effectively

Our advanced agent desktop redefines communication efficiency, providing agents with a comprehensive platform to review, manage, and effectively respond to customer messages, elevating your service standards.

Monitor your WhatsApp messages via a series of analysis wallboards in real-time

Our analysis wallboards bring your WhatsApp message data to life in real-time, offering a comprehensive and intuitive dashboard for monitoring, analysis, and strategic adjustments at a glance.

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