What is Mobile VoIP?

12th January 2023

We’re all evolving to be a little more flexible. In the post-pandemic world, millions of us are working from home and out in the field. There are tons of benefits! However, you’re going to need a local VoIP provider to help your agents stay connected to home base.

The fact is, traditional telephony isn’t cutting it any more. It’s slow, it’s expensive, and it’s tough to maintain. What’s more, if you do want to allow your agents to stay connected in the field, you’ll often use smartphones and tariffs – all of which keep adding to cost.

Mobile VoIP might just hold the key to all of your WFH headaches. VoIP can help to keep your team on the same page, connected to HQ, with user-friendly apps and a central data source. Now’s the time to go mobile – but what’s the fuss about VoIP, anyway?

What is VoIP?

VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol – it’s voice communication that runs through a data connection, based in the cloud.

This means that, instead of relying on traditional copper cables and telephone lines, you can keep in touch with clients and customers over wireless connectivity. In fact, VoIP transforms voice calls into digital information that’s easy to transfer far and wide.

VoIP can help to cut the costs of line rental as well as the risk of poor-quality signals and conversations. There’s also no need for hefty hardware and endless maintenance costs.

In fact, VoIP phone systems UK wide are becoming increasingly commonplace. BT’s due to shift away from traditional cabling by mid-decade, so now’s the time to move to a streamlined alternative.

Believe it or not, Planet Telecom can help you save up to 90% of the capital you spend on phone bills just by moving you to VoIP. But how does mobile VoIP come into play?

girl on her mobile phone

What is mobile VoIP, and how does it work?

Mobile VoIP transfers calls made to your central HQ to smartphone apps – meaning you can pick up customer and client calls whenever, wherever.

All you need to do is set up with a local VoIP provider and install a professional VoIP forwarding app on your company devices. If your team uses their own smartphones in the field, they’ll need to install them separately.

But, here’s the amazing benefit – they don’t need to be anywhere near the office to connect to the same service. You can easily forward and manage calls from device to device, providing you all use the same ID and login.

This way, you can easily take calls on the go, and if you’re thinking of moving your office to a hybrid working model, all you need to do is set up VoIP in the office, download a few apps, and you’re away.

Is setting mobile VoIP up difficult?

Mobile VoIP takes minutes to set up and start running. All your office needs is a router and a modem, and your chosen VoIP provider will do the rest. In fact, they’ll even help you install the necessary apps on your smartphones.

Providing you already have a working WiFi connection in the office, you’re ready for mobile VoIP UK businesses thrive on up and down the country. There’s no disruption to your business during setup, and all you have to pay for is the monthly fee set by your provider. It really couldn’t be simpler.

Taking mobile VoIP on the road is easy to manage providing your team knows how to use the apps or software provided. They’ll just need a quick crash-course on what features to use and how to manage different calls. It’s easy for them to keep private and business calls separate, too. Your local VoIP provider, again, will show you how this all works in practice.

Why choose Planet Telecom?

Planet Telecom helps set up VoIP phone systems UK wide, and we’ve been at the forefront of the industry for over 20 years. The VoIP revolution is already underway, and we’re right at the front of the pack with cost-crunching solutions that will keep your business agile and ready to grow.

Our mobile VoIP packages will help you to keep your agents on the same channels out in the field. You don’t have to worry about losing out on the immense benefits of remote working – simply set up a few mobile apps and ask your local VoIP provider (that’s us) to connect you to our managed service.

There’s no nuisance cables and clumsy maintenance. There are no hidden fees or nasty shocks, either. We’re ready to go when you are.

Want to know more about how mobile VoIP can help move your business into the future? Maybe you’re just itching to get started. Either way, call Planet Telecom now on 0800 0886 886, or reach out to us via email. Don’t force your business to start and end at the office.


First uploaded on May 31, 2022. Content updated on January 12, 2023.