What are the best ways to contact international clients?

5th November 2018

There’s no doubt that being able to put yourself in a room with your client is a productive way to conduct your business. Face-to-face interaction allows you to effectively communicate your business and brand directly to your client, while listening to and learning their needs and expectations.

However, the opportunities provided by global communication technologies mean that the same strong levels of service and engagement can now be conducted worldwide. With a variety of methods available to every business, we can each try, test, and choose the tools that work as efficiently for us, as we will work for our clients.

While it is certainly worth exploring which form of communication works best for your business, we have listed several of these methods, and what they can do for you, below:cheap international phone calls

Keeping up appearances

Nearly 60% of people agree that video conferencing is the most effective alternative to meeting somebody in person. However, time-zone differences and a client’s own schedule might mean that this method is not always practical. Without prior knowledge of a client’s whereabouts, circumstances, or routine, a video-call, using an app like Skype or FaceTime, might not always be welcome.

Making an enquiry first, using a chat facility within the app, text message, or social media, would be advised – although be sure to know if your client is happy to be contacted through these channels.

A quick call for fast results

A more straightforward method to video conferencing, therefore, would be to pick up the phone. While there is no guarantee the recipient will answer, a simple voicemail entailing the purpose of the call, and the salient details, will relay the message in a professional, but personable way.

Now a more cost-effective method of global communication, cheap international calls services are available at surprisingly low rates, and offer businesses the opportunity to keep in contact with an international client base – without harming expenditure. Our international calls, from both mobile and landline, start at just 1p per minute.

Send – but don’t expect to receive

Of course, you could also drop your client an email to arrange an appropriate time for them to be contacted. Like the chat-facility and social media options above, the contact here would be almost instant – and an email can also be tailored to be more formal, or informal, as required.

However, with 45% of global emails considered to be spam, there’s always the chance that a message could be misplaced, or ignored entirely. It can also be more difficult to articulate a message, using this less conversational method – particularly across language barriers – so getting to know a client with an open conversation would still be recommended.

Of course, there is no one right way to contact any client, regardless of their whereabouts, engaged. Each method listed here can complement the others, but the most important target for you and your business is to find a practical, cost-effective method that works for you – and works for your clients.

To find out more about our diverse range of services, including making cheap international calls, contact us today, for our dedicated business service.