Everything You Need to Know About 0845 Numbers

5th November 2019

0845 numbers have fallen out of favour among UK consumers. This is a fairly recent development, and it is understandable when you consider some of the limitations associated with the 0845 prefix. That being said, it would be a mistake to presume that 0845 numbers have completely faded from the market.

Plenty of companies still use them these days. And if your business is trying to decide whether or not it should adopt 0845 numbers, you should first consider the following attributes and aspects that are associated with the prefix:

0845 numbers: the history

0845 numbers were local rate numbers during their introduction in 1996. They were aimed towards services that cost the same as any local rate phone call. At some point, 0345 and 0645 numbers, two much older local rate prefixes, seized to exist. As a result, their numbers were amalgamated with the 0845 code.

To be clear, 0845 numbers no longer cost the same as a normal local rate call. That connection was eliminated. Now the prefix features a variety of rates.

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The geographical question

All virtual phone numbers are either geographical or non-geographical. As such, whenever you encounter a new prefix, you need to first determine where in this category it falls. In the case of 0845 numbers, they are non-geographical.

In other words, when you call an 0845 number, you have no way of knowing where the owner of the number is located. This is what makes the 0845 prefix popular in some circles. It is essentially a national prefix. And the companies that use it can create the facade of an organisation with national reach.

Are they special?

That being said, the fact that 0845 numbers are non-geographical is nothing special. Various other prefixes enjoy this advantage. So what sets 0845 numbers apart? The answer is simple. They are inbound numbers. In other words, they can only be used to receive incoming calls.

Now, you can reach out to your phone company to alter this arrangement with a VoIP system if you want. But for most people, 0845 numbers can only receive incoming calls.

How much do 0845 numbers cost?

This is the primary reason why 0845 numbers fell out of favour. They’ve become rather expensive to call. When you call an 0845 number, you must pay an access charge. This goes to your phone company and can be as high as 20p for each minute from a landline, and 65p a minute from a mobile!

Additionally, you must also pay a service charge. This goes to the network that operate the 0845 number service and can be charged at between 1p a minute and 7p a minute. There are laws forbidding certain sectors in the UK from using 0845 numbers specifically because they are so expensive.

But you can keep your number forever

Despite the legal restrictions surrounding the prefix, some organisations still use 0845 numbers. One reason for this persistence is the benefits offered by 0845 numbers ―the most notable being the low cost to own an 0845 number.  Plus, you can keep your 0845 number forever.

0845 numbers can be routed to any other number worldwide. So you have no reason to abandon your 0845 number simply because your offices changed locations. But this is an advantage all virtual phone numbers offer.

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