Why You Should Buy A Memorable Landline Number for Your Business

9th April 2019

You may well be wondering why you should buy a memorable landline number for your business when you could just have any random phone number and not pay a premium for it. Well, having a highly memorable number can end up being way more beneficial for your business – here’s why:

Examples of memorable numbers

There are two types of memorable phones numbers that a business could invest in.memorable landline numbers

  1. Numbers that relate to your brand

Everyone might remember the adverts relating to the insurance company Hastings Direct, who used the freephone number 0800 00 1066 in their adverts, with 1066 being the date of The Battle of Hastings. This was a very smart strategy for the business which was one of the main reasons to why they were able to build such success in building contact awareness with the public.

Alphadial numbers are another way in which memorable numbers fit with branding. You are able to use your brand, product or service name  to make your number memorable and just refer to numbers by the letters on the keypad. For example, the well known brand Gillette use 00800-GILLETE.

Traditional easy to remember phone numbers

A phone number doesn’t have to be associated with your brand or business to be easy to remember. They simply can just be easy strings of digits and therefore will stick into customer’s minds. For example:

Repetitive numbers – 1111, 3344, 7676

Numbers running in a direction – 12345, 789 789, 654321

Mirrored numbers – 1001, 4554

What are the benefits of a memorable number?

Grabs more attention

One of the benefits of having a memorable landline number is that they get noticed easily and stand out more than an ordinary number because of the way they either reflect branding or are in a sequence or pattern.

Advertising any random number isn’t going to get noticed as customers see phone numbers all the time on a daily basis. People will be more likely to notice the number 111222 rather than 874685.  This will help build brand awareness and increase customers.

They’re easier to recall

A memorable number isn’t just a number that will bring more attention, it will also stay in your customers minds so they will be able to remember it easily whenever they need your business in the future. For example, a taxi company. Having a memorable number, will bring you a lot of business and increase call volume as if you are out and need to get back home, it will be easy to remember and dial.

Any memorable phone number will have a lot of people calling as it is much easier than searching for the number of a competitor. People want to be able to just dial a number straightaway rather having to look for one.

They help increases brand identity

A memorable number can increase the brand identity to such an extent that it becomes part of the brand. For example, the directory enquiry service provider 118118. They had the idea in creating advertisements and campaigns around their memorable numbers. They were so successful with their brand awareness campaigns that their memorable number has become an important part in who they are which made them stand out from the competition.

Should you buy a memorable landline number for your business?

Here at Planet Telecom we offer a wide range of prefixes which make it easy for you to choose a memorable phone number that suits your business.

There is no need to buy any new equipment or need to change your current phone system.  Our virtual landline numbers just forward to any existing number you would like. Landline or mobile, and you can redirect the number from one line to another as often as you would like – for free.

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