Find Out Which Adverts Work Best for Your Business with Call Analytics

1st October 2020

If there’s anything that all business owners and entrepreneurs have in common, it’s the need to number crunch and draw on data. Data is absolutely everywhere! However, it’s not the nuisance that many people might make it out to be. In fact, without data, we wouldn’t be able to make strong budgeting or business decisions. It’s hugely important when it comes to setting precedents, to understanding our markets and more besides.

Therefore, it makes sense that even the smallest of businesses should consider setting up call analytics. These work to help you understand who’s calling, where from, and why. Thanks to advances in modern technology, it is getting easier and easier to legally monitor incoming call trends. Planet Telecom, in fact, has a fantastic call analytics service you can put to use right away in planning for the people who are likely to need you the most.

What Are Call Analytics?call analytics

For anyone who might be slightly technophobic, or who may not have much in the way of dealing with data on a daily basis, call analytics help you to break down exactly how well your marketing is working. Specifically, with a fully-fledged call analytics system, you will be able to trace and monitor the performance of specific lines and numbers, which you may normally use in targeted adverts or marketing such as through online banners or even printed flyers.

Crucially, it’s important to know how well your adverts are doing. That’s why it’s a great reason to dig deeper into the data of specific users. Call analytics never infringe on the privacy or human rights of people calling! They do, however, let you know how many people are calling specific lines and numbers, helping you to tweak your marketing for the months and years ahead.

How Can Call Analytics Help Me?

As with any kind of data, the information you can pull from call analytics will help you to understand the behaviour of your regular callers in a little more details than usual. Specifically, you can use Planet Telecom’ call analytics to probe deep into when your numbers are being called, for how long, and from which areas.

These are all great pieces of information to keep in mind. What call reporting offers to your business is a direct insight in what might be driving people to get in touch with you. As mentioned, these analytics may even help you to fine-tune your advertising campaigns for many years to come. We all know how much trial and error is involved in getting marketing just right!

Crucially, the more data you have to hand – the better your chances are in understanding what is driving your clientele. It is all well and good making assumptions at first, but these can not only harm, your reputation in the long run, but may also end up being rather costly. Surely it makes sense to get data right the first time around?

What Are the Further Benefits?

If you have an in-house marketing team, call reporting and analytics could help you to run a few experiments with marketing. For example, you could run two adverts, and choose two different phone numbers (perhaps with the same prefix, such as a freephone 0800). Then, with call reporting from Planet Telecom, you will be able access a wealth of data through your own dashboard to track the popularity and effectiveness of your campaigns.

Many business owners feel they have to move towards digital marketing simply because there are no easy ways to track the effectiveness of the printed standard. That’s not an impossible viewpoint to leap to, but it is slightly misinformed.

By being clever about the numbers you deploy in certain adverts and materials, you can use call reporting to directly pinpoint which campaigns do better in certain ways. For example, you might find that advert A works well in a specific area, or with specific queries. Call reporting and the data you can glean from these analytics will really help you drill deep into what’s driving interest into your contact centre.

Do I Have Full Control?

Of course! Planet Telecom merely offers the facilities for you to access data through our fine-tuned call reporting service. This means you never have to do any of the canvassing yourself, and from day to day, you’ll be able to see how your numbers and adverts are performing. In our collective opinion, it’s a much quicker way to monitor how your marketing is doing than traditional means.

It’s also inarguably more accurate. Think about what you’d normally need to do to source public opinion on your services and marketing. You’d have to run market research, and we all know that some people tend to avoid speaking their mind. Some avoid taking surveys at all! Therefore, setting up call reporting is a swift, easy, and accurate way to find out how well your marketing is reaching the general populace, and what you might need to do to enhance the process in the long run.

So, yes – you’ll have full control. What’s more, you’ll be able to tweak and fine tune the way your data is collected over time, too. This might just be the making of a reliable, cost-effective way to revitalise your marketing for the future.

The Future Lies with You

Marketing is a game of chance in many ways, and crucially, much of it revolves around assumption. What if you were able to source concrete answers without the need to risk false positives from market research?

It really is as easy as setting up call reporting. You’ll be able to see where your incoming calls are coming from, and what’s more, you’ll also benefit from a fantastic raft of customer support features to tie into your business line, too. For example, why not greet your callers with an automated switchboard?

Planet Telecom ties together a variety of services and standards to help make running your business that little bit easier. Take a look at our packages online and make sure to call us for more details.