How to Call 0800 Numbers from Abroad

8th April 2020

0800 numbers are the way to go for any organisation in the UK. They are completely free to call and that encourages consumers to reach out to you. If you run a local business, you are probably wondering what would happen if you decided to expand your services to encompass international customers.

Can you continue using 0800 numbers to communicate with potential clients situated beyond the borders of the UK? More importantly, is it even possible to call an 0800 number from abroad? How do you dial 0800 numbers from abroad? The answers to these questions are somewhat complicated. Consider the following:

How 0800 Numbers Matter to Your Business

First of all, why does an 0800 number matter in the first place? The cost is obviously the primary selling point. 0800 numbers are free to call for customers and that makes them attractive. However, you cannot ignore the fact that they are non-geographical.

An 0800 number is not connected to any particular location within the UK. As such, a customer can call it without immediately identifying the company’s location. This favours businesses that want to create the perception that they have national reach.

How 0800 Numbers Determine Your Location

The fact that 0800 numbers are non-geographical doesn’t matter if you are calling from abroad. An 0800 number is not connected to a particular location within the UK. However, it is definitely connected to the country as a whole.

An international client calling your 0800 number can, at the very least, determine that your premises are in the UK. You cannot use the 0800 number to obscure your location in this situation. As such, the non-geographical benefit doesn’t apply here.

How Charges Apply to 0800 Number Calls

If you cannot rely on the non-geographical advantage of 0800 numbers where international callers are concerned, can you, at the very least, lean on the free-to-call aspect? No, you cannot. When a person calls an 0800 number from within the UK, it is free for the caller but not for the owner.

The business that owns the number must meet the cost of the call. On the other hand, if someone from outside the UK calls a company’s 0800 number, they will be charged an international rate. In other words, as far as international calls are concerned, 0800 numbers do not have any money-related benefits for the caller.

Most callers can expect to receive some sort of message informing them about the charges they will pay once the call is connected. This will give them an opportunity to determine whether or not they are willing to complete the call.

If you’re travelling with a UK registered mobile phone outside of the EU, and calling back to the UK when roaming, is it likely that calls to 0800s will be charged at the same rate as calling the UK as normal.  It’s recommenced that you check the price with your mobile provider before dialling.  Calls from within the UK are still free, but as the UK leaves the EU we understand that this will change.

If your objective is to attract international clients using the 0800 number, you are more likely to turn them away. Few individuals in the world are willing to accept the charges associated with an international call, not unless they have an important message.

How to Call a UK 0800 Number from Abroad

So, returning to the first question: can you call an 0800 number from abroad? Yes, you can. The key is to dial the right code before entering the number you wish to access.

For instance, anyone using a mobile phone anywhere in the world should dial ‘+44 800’ followed by the rest of the phone number, ‘+44’ is the country code for the UK. When calling back to the UK from a foreign landline, the ‘+’ has to be replaced by the local ‘international access code’. For example, an EU resident using a landline and attempting to call a UK 0800 number should dial ‘00 44 800’ followed by the rest of the phone number. People calling from landlines in the US or Canada can try ‘011 44 800’ followed by the rest of number.

How to Communicate with International Customers

You don’t need an 0800 number to communicate with international customers. You can just purchase virtual numbers for every region in which you want to operate. This will enable your international customers to call you at local rates.

Virtual Geographic NumbersHow to Call 0800 Numbers from Europe

0800 numbers are typically used to contact local businesses or organisations within the UK. But calling an 0800 number from abroad is also possible. Individuals who are based in other European countries may call an 0800 number if the business or organisation is paying premiums for international accessibility to their number.

People outside of the UK but within the EU might feel confused whether they will be charged for calling an 0800 number. Most telecommunication providers inform the caller of international rates before connecting the line.

The actual call is relatively simple. The UK’s country code is +44 so callers from Europe can simply dial +44 0800 or +44800 followed by the final digits of the UK-based business or organisation to call an 0800 number.

On another note, potential customers who are set on contacting the UK-based business or organisation may call the 0800 number via Skype or a similar platform. This doesn’t incur additional charges on either end, but it does add an extra step that would discourage many people.

How to Call 0800 Numbers from the US and Canada

The 0800 number isn’t tied to any geographical location. But it is widely used by businesses and organisations within the UK. Calls within the UK are free but international callers are likely to pay for the call.

Calling an 0800 number from the US or from Canada isn’t that much different from how you call an 0800 from Europe. But whereas Europe-based callers simply dial the +44 extension, callers from the US and Canada have to dial 011 44 800 followed by the final digits of the UK-based business or organisation.

However, take note that the US and Canada have their own versions of the 0800 number. They have toll-free numbers that typically start with 833, 844, 855, 866 or 877.  For businesses that want to expand their American or Canadian audience, these toll-free numbers are something to consider. Nevertheless, the 0800 prefix remains valuable for all local business and organisations within the UK.

What Next?

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