An introduction to SIP Trunking

17th December 2018

SIP stands for Session Initiation Protocol, so we could say that this blog is also your initiation into SIP Trunking. An increasingly popular option for businesses, SIP Trunking is a modern alternative to traditional PSTN landline calls, with calls instead channelled through an internet connection.

It’s designed not only to replace an older technology but also to save you money, scale up or down as your business needs change, and provide a more reliable telephony solution for your business. How, you ask? Here are the basics everyone should know.

SIP Trunking

Essential SIP knowledge

Primarily, SIP Trunking removes the requirement for a physical connection between a business and a phone company. When you use an Internet Service Provider (ISP) for all incoming and outgoing telephone calls, all analogue telephone lines into the business are bypassed.

This means that all existing phone lines are consolidated into a single point, immediately reducing the cost of your monthly telephone calls. Most businesses will save at least 40% on their communications costs, but you may find that you can save much more if you shop around.

No new hardware required

Switching to SIP Trunking doesn’t mean you have to ditch your current communications infrastructure. Your existing computers and telephones – which would, of course, be very expensive to replace – can stay right where they are.

This is one of the reasons why many businesses choose SIP Trunks over other available options. The technology is dynamic yet not at all disruptive. This is one reason why the proliferation of SIP Trunks increased by more than 25% last year.

A catalyst for communications

Every member of staff who works with the new SIP Trunking system will see the benefit. From a management perspective, you will have access to a wealth of useful service reports, while your staff will be able to access customer information directly if the system is integrated with a CMS (Contact Management System).

The technology is customisable to each business and can be easily and quickly reconfigured to suit a surge in business or a reduction in sales following a busy period. It’s not often that you have the chance to simultaneously streamline your operations and save money, but the implementation of SIP Trunks is a solutionthat delivers both.

Easy to manage

Finally, there’s no need to be concerned about making the switch. It doesn’t require becoming an expert in programming and won’t demand that you spend hours trying to resolve technical problems. If you find a reliable service provider and you can use a computer or smartphone, you have everything you need right in front of you.

You will have complete control over your software from the moment you make the switch, and you will find that customising your setup is as easy as navigating a website.

Effectively, this introduction to SIP Trunking is all the knowledge you need to get started, so why not give us a call today to discuss the next step? We’re looking forward to speaking to you – we can generally set up SIP Trunks in just a few working days.