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The ISDN network is being switched off in 2025 so if you haven’t embraced internet-based telephony by then, you’ll be forced to switch. But many businesses are turning to internet-based telephony right now, well in advance of ISDN’s withdrawal.

They have very good reasons for doing so. VoIP is a major upgrade on ISDN and PSTN, offering serious cost savings, real flexibility, and the features and functionality your business needs.

The sooner you move the sooner you’ll benefit from the power of VoIP.

VoIP is the future of telephony

As a BT Wholesale partner, we can offer exactly the right VoIP solution to revolutionise your communications. Benefits can include:

  • Sophisticated call handling features and unified communications
  • Scale your service up and down easily to meet business needs
  • Save money on equipment costs and call charges
  • Equip homeworkers with the tools they need, accessible from anywhere
  • Utilise your on-premise infrastructure to best effect, or dispense with it altogether

Check your connectivity

All-IP solutions take up bandwidth, so we can also advise you on whether your current connectivity is up to the task. Bundle a new communications solution with Full-fibre (FTTP) Broadband or Ethernet and create a more secure, resilient, and future-proof IT infrastructure.

Peace of mind built-in

Because we’re a BT Wholesale partner, you can be safe in the knowledge that our VoIP services are built on a network with 99.999% reliability, and with security baked in.

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