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Make cheaper calls to 084 and 087 phone numbers from any UK landline or mobile

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Account information

  • Calls are charged per minute plus a 5p connection fee
  • Create speed dials to your 10 most called numbers
  • No PINs – Our system recognises your registered phones
  • Works from ALL UK landlines and mobiles
  • No dropped calls or bad connections
  • Prepaid account with no monthly charges
  • Your unused credit never expires

Find the price band of the NGN your calling, here

Access CodePlanet Telecom Rateo2 Mobile RateVodafone RateEE Rate3 Mobile RateBT Mobile Rate
UK NGNCS SC002 - 1p/min7p/min56p/min56p/min56p/min46p/min31p/min
UK NGNCS SC003 - 2p/min8p/min57p/min57p/min57p/min47p/min32p/min
UK NGNCS SC004 - 3p/min10p/min58p/min58p/min58p/min48p/min33p/min
UK NGNCS SC005 - 4p/min14p/min59p/min59p/min59p/min49p/min34p/min
UK NGNCS SC006 - 5p/min15p/min60p/min60p/min60p/min50p/min35p/min
UK NGNCS SC007 - 6p/min15p/min61p/min61p/min61p/min51p/min36p/min
UK NGNCS SC008 - 7p/min18p/min62p/min62p/min62p/min52p/min37p/min
UK NGNCS SC009 - 8p/min18p/min63p/min63p/min63p/min53p/min38p/min
UK NGNCS SC010 - 9p/min20p/min64p/min64p/min64p/min54p/min39p/min
UK NGNCS SC011 - 10p/min20p/min65p/min65p/min65p/min55p/min40p/min
UK NGNCS SC012 - 11p/min25p/min66p/min66p/min66p/min56p/min41p/min
UK NGNCS SC013 - 12p/min25p/min67p/min67p/min68p/min57p/min42p/min
UK NGNCS SC014 - 13p/min25p/min68p/min68p/min69p/min58p/min43p/min

Landline access: 0161 328 7777
Freephone access: 0800 021 9777  (incurs a 1p/min surcharge from a landline and a 3p/minute surcharge from a mobile).

You can also use your calling credit to make super cheap overseas calls from any UK landline or mobile. See our international rates

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