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A phone system built around your needs, free for 30 days

With Planet Telecom’ free trial, you can experience all of the comprehensive features, with no commitment, for 30 days

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It is so simple to start enjoying the benefits of a fully hosted phone system. Your 30 day, no obligation FREE trial can start within a few clicks

What can I expect during the free trial period?

You’ll get the full VoIP experience – totally free! We’ll get your VoIP service set up based on your requirements, so you can make and receive calls using your VoIP app. Our dedicated provisioning team will be on hand to help with getting your service tailored to perfectly suit your needs so you can fully test the service and make sure you’re happy before committing to your monthly payments.

Stellar support

Will my card be charged during the trial period?

No, the trial is completely free. This is to make sure you are totally happy with our service before committing to your contract term.

Value for money

Will the free trial be automatically canceled or do I need to escalate this to the account manager?

You’ll need to tell us within the free trial if you’d like to cancel your service – once the free trial period ends, your contract and monthly payments will automatically begin.

If you’re not fully happy with the service during the free trial, just let us know and we’ll do what we can to get it exactly as you want it.

And if you’d still like to cancel? No problem, we’ll cease your service with no requirements from you.

Built for growth

Will a handset be available for the free trial?

The free trial is for the VoIP service itself, and you’ll be able to test it all using our fantastic app.

If you’d like some handsets, then you’re more than welcome to purchase these before, during or after the free trial.

Flexible work arrangements

Can I transfer phone numbers for the trial period?

Of course! We’re always happy to port existing numbers over to us for use with our VoIP service. Just let us know what you’re wanting to do and our sales team will advise how to do this and what you can expect from the process.

Cost conscious

No contracts, just free, for you.

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