15 Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Call Answering Service in 2022

21st January 2022

While it is incredibly exciting to start your own business, the thrilling experience comes hand in hand with quite a few responsibilities. To make your corporation a genuine success, you need to put in a lot of hard work and make smart decisions. Burnout is a major problem among UK-based start-up founders as they find it difficult to ask for help, trying to do everything on their own.

It’s important to realize when the time comes to outsource work and delegate tasks for smooth business operations and personal sanity. The most affordable and easiest place to start is by investing in a telephone answering service.

How can you benefit from a telephone answering service? Read on to find out.

1. Never Miss a Call

Sales calls are what keeps a business going. The reason you market your products and services is to attract customers. What happens when that potential customer reaches out to you only to find that you are unavailable? While a lot of sales are done online, there are many people who still prefer to use the phone. With a call handling service, you can be sure to never miss a sales call again.

2. Your Operations Continue even after Business Hours

Unlike a receptionist, a telephone answering service can answer your business calls, take messages, and place orders even when your business is closed. You can be sure that someone is present to take contact details, deal with customer inquiries, and provide customer service in real-time after business hours too.

3. Receptionist not requiredcall centre agents

Both time and resources are required to train a receptionist making it costly to find replacements if the receptionist decides to quit. Additionally, a small business might not require a full-time receptionist if they don’t get a lot of phone calls every day. In such a case, it’s wiser to invest in answering service and save your business the hassle of hiring and retaining another employee.

4. Spend time on things that matter

It can become distracting and time-consuming to manage incoming calls during working hours. It also makes little sense to ask your team members to attend calls leaving the tasks they were hired to perform in the first place. With a telephone answering service handling your calls, your team is less distracted and more focused on work.

5. Get personalized service

Many call answering services allow you to choose between service plans that best suit your business. You can select a basic option that usually includes taking messages and filtering out unwanted calls. Or you could take it a step further and customize your service with briefings and bespoke scripts. A personalized service ensures that your customers are always greeted by personalized and well-informed service.

6. Consistent Professional Behavior

Sounding professionally on customer calls is imperative. Even if you outsource or appoint a receptionist in-house, you cannot control how they would respond to your customers. What if the receptionist is having a difficult day? A call answering service with a virtual receptionist is the perfect solution to this problem.

7. Makes your Business Sound Established

A virtual assistant tends to add a touch of professionalism and an illusion of scale. Good brand perception is crucial in the competitive business dynamics of today. With a good answering service, your callers can have a menu of options, making your business sound more established.

8. Receive your Messages Directly

A virtual receptionist enables you to access your messages in an instant using various methods. You can either get voicemail transcriptions or have your voicemail sent to your email. This becomes very useful when dealing with new and potential clients.

9. Stay in Control of your Budget

Most providers don’t require any contract and have flexible payment options. You can either pay a fixed monthly rate or pay as you go tariff. The service is cost-effective and lets you maintain control of your business spending.

10. Flexible Communications

Call answering services perform in various capacities. You can use it as an informational line, providing callers details about your offerings, working hours, and more.

11. Benefit from Free Trials

If you are still deciding on whether you need a telephone answering service or not, you can opt for a free trial to assess how effective it is for your business. It’s a good idea to test out the service by placing random calls to see how the receptionist handles inquiries.

12. You can have an 0800 Number or Landline

This service is great for small businesses that need to provide customers with assistance and free support. Also, having only a mobile phone number on your website is a tell-tale sign that your business is a one-man show. With an 0800 number or a landline telephone number, you can create the illusion of scale.man working remotely

13. Work with Remote Teams

One of the challenges that remote teams face is communication. When team members live in different locations, coordinating can get difficult, but with an answering service, every person stays connected to your company.

14. Improved Staff Productivity

According to research, telephone calls are the single most distracting thing that people face in the workplace. When your staff is constantly interrupted to attend calls during work, it breaks their momentum and affects productivity. With a phone call answering service, you can decide a particular time for answering phones, choosing a time that is best suited for it.

15. Reduce Waiting Time for Callers

Customers often have to wait for a couple of minutes before reaching a live person. Some customers have reported a waiting time of 10-20 minutes every day when calling companies. If your potential client has to wait for too long, they might lose interest and hang up. Speedy service can be critical to get sales conversions.

Final Verdict

A telephone answering service can be the solution to your customer support problems. Allow your team to have their days free from the distraction of taking calls so they can focus better on their work.

Planet Telecom’s telephone answering service is a great choice if you want to improve your customer service and engagement.