Why You Should Get a Toll Free Number for Business

5th February 2020

Have you been wondering if it would be a good idea to get a UK toll-free number for business? It seems like a lot of other businesses are doing it these days. They say there are several ways it could help your bottom line.

In 2015, the telecoms regulatory body Ofcom passed a law mandating that all 0800 numbers should be free to call. Now you can call 0800 free in the UK since it costs nothing for the person placing the call. It’s the number’s owner who pays.

Today, virtually every long-distance provider offers toll-free numbers. There are different plans and options available too, and for varying charges. We’ll discuss here how to get a toll free number for business.

Reasons You Should Get a Toll-Free Number for Business

There used to be only one toll-free number code in the UK, but now you can call 0800 and 0808 both. This shows increased use of toll-free calling, a service used primarily by businesses.

Getting a Toll-Free Number Makes It Easy to Reach You

Customers and clients without flat-rate calling plans don’t need to worry about the cost of calling you when you get a toll-free number for business. Plus, the idea of “toll-free” gives a symbolic nod of acceptance to the idea of calling you.

It Builds Your Business’s Credibility

What business would pay for a toll-free number if it didn’t have (or at least expect) a lot of calls? Having a toll-free or “non-geographic” number suggests permanence and stability of a business — even one that operates entirely online.

Toll-Free Numbers Are Portable

Most mobile phone numbers today can be retained if you move outside the area where they were issues. Complete portability is different, though. Having an area or country code still associates you with a place.

As has been the case since their start in the 1960s, toll-free numbers can give you and your business a ubiquitous presence — being nowhere and everywhere at the same time. This might make you seem closer and more readily accessible to callers.

They Help You Do Business Globally

Having a toll-free number, especially one for your mobile phone allows calls to reach you from virtually anywhere in the world — without the caller needing to know you’re out of the office.

It also lets the home office know where and how to reach you without dialing an international number since the call will be transferred to you automatically. Just be ready for the possibility of some higher charges on your service bill.

It Might Be Possible to Get a Custom Toll-Free Number

In the UK, the US, and some other countries, it’s possible to get a custom or “vanity” toll-free number. These might be numbers people consider lucky or they might spell words that are of significance to a person or business.

The chances of getting one are slimmer and slimmer as the number of available toll-free numbers shrinks (at least until another toll code is added).

If you’re lucky enough to get one that helps your business brand, though, that’s great for you! A success story from the US is 1-800-FLOWERS for a nationwide florist business.

A Toll-Free Number Is Great for Marketing Overall

We’ve discussed why you should get a toll-free number for business and the conclusion we’ve reached is that toll-free numbers make great marketing tools for businesses.

Even if it were only because of the prestige and cachet of a toll-free number, this would still be great marketing. Having so many calling plans and options adds to this, though. The more communication flexibility a business has, the better known it can be.

You’ll see that we offer a broad array of telephone services. If we can ever do anything to help your business, just reach out to us with your query.