You don’t need a big business to feel the benefits of a VoIP phone system

30th June 2019

If you’re running a small business reliant on a traditional phone system, you could be reticent about the prospect of switching to a VoIP system. Perhaps you have long associated VoIP with major businesses that, you assume, are the only firms with the necessary financial muscle to wield it.

However, VoIP technology has ripened to such an extent that its cost-effectiveness is now exceeding that of standard phone systems. So, could VoIP transform your business? The omens look good…

You don’t have to keep running an on-site PBX

Right now, your corporate phone system might rely on a PBX. These initials stand for “private branch exchange” and refer to the switchboard system that, for a company, connects internal phones with external lines to let individual offices make internal calls.

However, as our hosted VoIP phone service is cloud-based, you can spare your staff the need to configure and manage an IP PBX on the premises, as IT PRO explains.

The service can be easily scaled up and down voip phone systems

In the early days of a business, its growth trajectory can be unpredictable. Sometimes, you could feel as though your business might sink as sharply as it could soar – but rest assured that, with a VoIP phone service, you don’t have to take bets on your company’s future.

That’s because, with a cloud-based system, you can add extra extensions as your call volume grows or deactivate them as necessary. This all ensures that, unlike with a standard system, you can limit your spending only to those extensions you need when you need them, says Small Business Trends.

You can stay continually connected to your customers

The stakes can be especially high for a business that is cash-strapped and, as such, lacks the resources to quickly recover from productivity-threatening issues like severe weather that can’t be practically avoided. However, a cloud-based system can prove resilient in such circumstances.

That’s because, when a system is in the cloud, your staff can quickly switch to an alternative workplace and continue using the system even if environmental disaster does strike.

Your business can be truly mobile

These days, for a small business, working on the move isn’t merely a nice idea – it’s crucial. Fortunately, a cloud-based phone system would allow your employees to work from multiple locations and, indeed, be reached from the head office even when away on business trips.

A hosted VoIP service from Planet Telecom would let you integrate your employees’ mobiles into the office system, providing a central hub from which you can quickly contact staff as necessary.

You can save significant costs

How else could VoIP transform your business? It could free up a lot of money for you to redirect to other aspects of the business.

When you source a hosted VoIP phone system from Planet Telecom, the cost of your firm’s monthly phone bill could fall as much as 90%. You can ring our customer helpline on 0800 088 6886 for further insight on the scope of the savings to be made.