Why VoIP for business?

14th July 2018

You might have heard the term “VoIP” cited many times in business circles – and, once you educate yourself about the technology, the reasons for its popularity can become clearer. Forbes reports almost 40% of small businesses using VoIP instead of a traditional phone system.

VoIP, meaning Voice over Internet Protocol, could yet further spread in adoption for corporate phone systems. If your firm hasn’t taken it up, you might be asking: “Why VoIP for business?”

VoIP beats landlines for sound qualityvoip for business

You might recall a time when users of VoIP complained about sound not always coming through entirely clearly on calls made using the technology. However, this particular grievance no longer applies, as sophisticated high-definition codecs have since significantly boosted the voice clarity.

In fact, modern VoIP networks are better than even landline alternatives in this respect. This can ease the cultivation of a professional image for your business in the eyes of its clients or customers.

You don’t need to buy special equipment

One major inconvenience of setting up a landline-based system can be the necessity of purchasing special equipment. Naturally, that can account for much of the upfront financial outlay for a VoIP system. Running special wiring might be another nuisance addition to the to-do list.

However, with a cloud-based VoIP phone system, you wouldn’t need to fetch such equipment or employ someone capable of effectively installing and maintaining it.

VoIP doesn’t require complex tech support

Naturally, employing extra people would eat into your firm’s financial resources, as you would need to fund their wages. It would be a pity, then, if a phone system requires you to recruit IT staff who, in the company, will be the only employees with the relevant expertise to speedily fix that system.

It’s a relief, then, that VoIP is less prone to significant issues compared to a landline. When a landline goes down, you will never be able to diagnose and rectify the problems easily or quickly.

Workers can take calls away from the office

When we provide your company with a VoIP phone system, you could integrate your employees’ iPhone or Android mobile phones into it. It’s just a matter of downloading an app onto these devices to let them send and receive 4G calls on any of your system’s numbers.

This situation gives your workers the flexibility to continue taking calls on your company’s usual phone lines even during trips outside the corporate premises.

VoIP can easily adapt to your company’s growth

As your business adds more staff and equipment, it could start outgrowing its original base and so need to move to a new, larger one. Moving the VoIP telephone system to the new premises will be easy, as you could plug that system in at the new place without any complex IT programming.

Existing phone numbers, long used with your old system can stay, too. Hence, you wouldn’t have to spend time and money reprinting business cards and flyers to advertise new numbers.

VoIP can also adapt to seasonal patterns

Your company’s financial takings might depend on seasonal trends. For example, depending on what your company offers, the business might expand during summer, near Black Friday or when taxes are due. This could necessitate you taking on additional staff temporarily.

The VoIP system could be easily adjusted accordingly. You can easily assign phones for new workers as they arrive and then remove the added lines as custom quietens down again.

The company can make big financial savings

The prospect of saving money in significant amounts can especially entice a small business mulling over taking up a VoIP phone service. Business News Dailypoints out that funding special equipment and IT staff tasked with maintaining it requires “exorbitant amounts of money”.

However, the majority of Planet Numbers VoIP service users save a minimum of 75% on their monthly phone costs. This is a major incentive to choose us as your VoIP provider.

Instant messaging can boost workplace productivity

Utilising our VoIP service would also give you access to a range of virtual switchboard services such as call tracking and call queuing. The system can even facilitate instant messaging between your company’s workers. This could help spell significant gains for the firm’s productivity.

Imagine, for example, needing to quickly message or share a file with a co-worker when you are on a conference call. The instant messaging facility can come to the rescue here without hindering your presentation. Calling us on 0800 088 6543 can teach you even more about the possibilities.