Why Use a Virtual Number for Your Business?

4th September 2020

When running a business, one of the best things you can do to make sure you are reaching out to local customers is to have a local phone number. In years gone by, this has meant business owners having to set up offices in towns and cities to reach out to specific audiences. As you can imagine, this can be a costly business – especially if your main base of operations is based elsewhere!

That’s why virtual numbers have started growing so popular in recent years. But what exactly is a virtual number? As the name suggests, it’s a phone number which is based entirely online. As you can imagine, this means that there is no physical location required.

Are you looking for a flexible way to set up a phone number for your business? Struggling to appeal to local customers and clients? Keep reading for the complete lowdown on virtual local business numbers.

Set Your Base Anywherehow to get a virtual phone number

If there’s anything that modern working has taught us, it’s that we can run our businesses from anywhere. Therefore, while it does pay to have some form of physical base or office, if you are more likely to be on the road or working in the field a lot, it makes even more sense to have a flexible phone number which people can reach you at no matter where you are.

This way, you can set up a local number which people can call at local and national rates. You can give the impression that you have a local office or base while taking your work on the move. Generally, it’s a good idea to have a professional number to show your clients that you have a fixed position.

What’s more, just sharing a mobile number for your business isn’t always going to give off the best impression. Customers and clients are going to demand professionalism and security. Are you necessarily going to put that across with a mobile phone number? Maybe not.

Take Advantage of a Whole New Customer Base

Tired of trying to reach out to customers and clients in your local area? Consider setting up a city-based number which you can manage on a completely virtual basis. You might be based out in the sticks but imagine the pull and appeal of a London number. So many big businesses are based in the capital – don’t you want to take advantage for your own business endeavours?

By setting up a new local and virtual number, you can effectively reach out to a whole new client base without having to move your office. Simply having a local number in a new locale will inspire people to reach out to you – even if you are based elsewhere.

Many people will look for local numbers and services before calling national companies. It’s not only cheaper for them to do so on average, it’s likely to offer them more security and a feeling of local comfort.

A virtual number is going to keep things flexible for you. There’s no need for you to move your office, and you can build a whole new client portfolio just by setting up a number or two from afar.

It’s Going to Save You Money and Hassle

If your main reason for moving location is for the sake of reaching out to a new, local audience, it makes sense to consider a more affordable and flexible approach. After all, moving your office location or base of operations is going to mean you investing a sizable amount of money, time, and energy. Instead of undertaking all of this stress, why not consider a virtual number?

Virtual numbers give you all the benefits of setting up office numbers on a physical basis. You only have to pay a small monthly fee, and what’s more, you can completely manage them from afar. You can set up multiple virtual numbers with different locations which will route back through to your mobile or existing office number.

However, there are more benefits to setting up a virtual number beyond the convenience and cost savings.

Consider the Extra Features and Add-Ons

What some people may not realise is that there are many additional features and extras which arrive with virtual numbers. For example, when you take out a virtual number package for your business with Planet Telecom, you’ll be able to set up your own IVR system. This means that you can route your calls to different departments without people having to call through and speak to an agent.

What’s more, our virtual number services arrive with call recording. In the modern age, it’s important to be able to record incoming and outgoing calls. You have the legal right to do so! This means that you can easily trace previous conversations, and it will also mean that you can provide essential backing for customers or agents who need to prove what was and wasn’t said.

Do also consider that you can set up time of day routing through a virtual number. This means that you will be able to route calls through to specific agents and teams who may only be available at specific times. This is a great asset if you want to make sure you’re making the most of the staff you have available.

What’s more, consider that you’ll have access to a fantastic array of call statistics and analytics! These will give you access to complete knowledge over who calls you, when, and why. You’re going to need all the data you can source when running a business in the modern age!

Upgrade to a Virtual Number

Upgrading to a virtual phone number from a physical line is quick, easy, and affordable. In fact, you will likely find that it is going to actually save you money as the years go by!

Therefore, take a chance on a virtual local number or two. Call Planet Telecom today on 08000 886 886 or check out our virtual phone number packages online for more details.