Why should you upgrade to a VoIP phone system?

7th June 2018

Technology underpinning the business world can change rapidly, taking much of the business world itself with it. Therefore, if you aren’t careful to regularly update the technology on which your own company relies, you could get left behind. Your phone system can strongly come into play here.

After all, it is through this phone system that much of your company’s communication – and, thus, business – can be channelled. This begins to explain why you should step up to a VoIP system.voip phone calls

Your business can be unhampered in its growth

It would be a shame if a steady stream of business were creating conditions for your company to keep growing, only for that growth to hit a snag because an antiquated phone system can’t accommodate it. However, you wouldn’t encounter such hindrances with a VoIP phone system.

For example, if your company is preparing to open additional branches, a VoIP system would let you quickly add new numbers for these areas, says ITProPortal.

Workers can take and receive calls anywhere globally

The modern business is often very on-the-go. For example, members of your workforce might often leave the office to attend conferences. They might even make foreign trips, but that wouldn’t defeat a VoIP phone system, which would let your personnel make inexpensive calls worldwide.

With this kind of system, your nomadic employees would be relieved of long distance charges – and have the option of taking calls from a range of Internet-ready devices, including tablets and laptops.

Apps can be integrated with this system

As a VoIP phone system is digitised and online-based, you can easily integrate it with apps to impressive effect. This can work well even if your company operates a BYOD – bring-your-own-device – scheme. Consider the example of a VoIP service hosted by our team at Planet Telecom…

On each of your employees’ mobiles using the iOS or Android operating system, you can download an app that would enable the user to send and take calls over 4G on any of your phone system’s numbers.

You can make impressive ongoing savings

You might already be accustomed to making VoIP calls, as calls made through Facebook Messenger, Skype or WhatsApp would all fall into this category, ITPro points out. Therefore, you can probably already attest to the low expense which these calls incur compared to calls on traditional landlines.

Once a Planet Telecom VoIP service has been put in place for your company, it could save your firm in the region of 75% in monthly phone costs, judging from experiences of most users of our VoIP service.

Your business can cultivate a more professional image

If your business is currently fairly small, a professional-standard telephone system can be good for making the company look much bigger. That can pay dividends when you want to make a positive early impression on customers and clients.

We run a free helpline, which you can ring on 0800 088 6886 if you would like to learn further details about our hosted VoIP phone service.