Why port your existing numbers to Planet Telecom?

1st March 2019

Ofcom’s number portability agreement allows you to transfer your phone number to another service provider to get a better deal or service, just like switching your gas or electricity supplier.

So if you have a non-geographical or even a regular 01 & 02 number from another service provider, you can port it to Planet Telecom to start benefiting from our super running low costs and our business focused virtual switchboard services. Porting NGN

What type of numbers can I port?

You are able to port several different ranges over to Planet Telecom such as;

  • 0300, 0330, 0333, 0344, 0345
  • 0808 and 0800 Freephone numbers
  • 0843, 0844 and 0845

You can also save costs on your regular 01 and 02 lines too – either by turning them in to VoIP lines, or simply to virtual phone numbers that forward calls to your mobile or any other number.

Which suppliers can I switch from?

Here is a list of the main suppliers we can accept ports in from. If your provider isn’t listed below, the chances are we can still migrate your number across.

British Telecom (BT) Callagenix Cable & Wireless (C&W)
Chess Telecom COLT ( City of London Telecom) Daisy Telecom
Gamma Telecom InVoSys J2 Global / City Numbers / Ereceptionist
KCOM Magrathea Telecommunications Numbergroup
Talk Talk Business Telecoms World Sky
Spitfire TTNC Verizon
Virgin Media Vodafone Windsor Telecom


While we are transferring your numbers there’ll be no disruption to your service, and your lines will operate completely as normal. You’ll be able to manage your numbers via the Planet Telecom online control panel within 21 days of requesting the switch.

All you need to do is fill out a porting form (also known as a Letter of Authority – LOA) and print it on your business letterhead and mail it to us either as a PDF created on a digital version of your letterhead, or in the traditional post. We’ll help make the process very easy and straightforward.

If our cheap rates weren’t enough, another good reason to port your NGNs over to Planet Telecom is that once you do, you’ll be able to benefit from our suite of virtual switchboard services.

For example, our Virtual Switchboard menu (IVR) can make your business appear more professional. An IVR menu allows callers to choose which department they want by selecting from a given choice of options and using the numbers on their telephone keypad. This avoids wasting customers time on the phone as well as your employee’s time passing calls to other departments.

Time of day routing – calls can be automatically directed to a different destination number depending on the time of day or the day of the week.

Our other call handling services include call distribution – either by percentage, round-robin, divert on busy, call tracking, mid call transfer, call queuing, call recording, voicemail,  call answering service and much much more.  If you have a bespoke calling plan you’d like, let us know and we’ll be happy to discuss creating this for you.

Overall, Planet Telecom is the company to go to if you want your number ported for low costs and great customer service. This can be a big step forward for your business, in helping you get the best for your company and your number.

Call us today, free on 08000 886 866 to find out about porting your numbers to Planet Telecom.