How Phone Call Recording Protects Your Business

30th January 2020

Record a Phone Call: How Phone Call Recording Will Protect Your Business

Almost 70% of companies record phone calls for quality assurance, but did you know that that data can be used for so much more?

By recording phone calls, businesses can have a direct line to their customers’ opinions and problems. It is a gold mine of information that you can utilise.

Deciding to record a phone call is an easy, legal way to protect your business. You can even use that data to expand your products and services to meet consumer needs.

Eager to learn more? Keep reading to learn why you should record all phone calls.

Why You Should Record a Phone Callcall recording software

When customers call a business, they are usually frustrated with the problem at hand. They want to talk to a real person, and they want that person to be knowledgable and helpful.

It is crucial that the customer has a positive experience. If they have a bad experience, they’ll take their business elsewhere.

The first step of protecting your business is keeping your customers happy. You can better train your employees by showing them real examples of how to handle customers.

If customers complain about a certain employee, you can refer to the recording to see firsthand what happened. Then, you can use the recordings to better train employees for the future.

Customer service is an evolving field, and you must be continually learning about the consumers’ needs.

Use Customer Feedback to Improve Product

Not only does recording calls provide a means for training or disputes, but it can also be used for product development or improvement.

Using audio files of customer feedback is invaluable information for marketing and development. If many customers are experiencing the same problem, you will learn of a problem that needs fixing.

In the moment, the employee on the call is concerned about appeasing the customer. By sending that audio to the appropriate people, the person on the call can focus on the problem at hand.

Additionally, your marketing team can use this audio to create customer personas. If a certain demographic keep having the same problem, they can use that information to better their strategies.

Have Recorded Audio for Reference

It’s not a good look on your company if an employee has to call back and ask for missed information, like a serial number. If you decide to record a phone call, you are protecting yourself against human error.

Some fields have strict compliance laws, like the medical field with NHS. Having audio to ensure that your employees are abiding by these laws is important in case of a dispute.

If a dispute does come up, having a recording could be used as evidence in your favour. A legal dispute could destroy a small business, so businesses of all sizes can benefit from this service.

Protect and Grow Your Business

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