Why is Call Recording Good for Business?

29th March 2021

When it comes to delivering a fantastic service to your customers, you are obviously going to need to keep up to date on all of your training. Your agents really need to be at the top of their game if they are going to really sell your brand and to be delivering that fantastic standard of care! Sometimes, the best way to make sure your agents are developing the skills they need to deliver the best service is to monitor how they perform from call to call.

It’s sometimes possible to listen to calls live as and when they are happening. However, this means that as a trainer or as a quality grader, you need to set up specific timeslots to listen into live support. Wouldn’t it be easier to just listen to calls that have been recorded previously? Of course it would – and it’s just one of the best reasons for investing in Planet Telecom’s fantastic call recording and MP3 retrieval service.

Are you considering call recording and MP3 export for your business? If you’re on the fence, make sure to read the following plus points for the complete lowdown on why it might just be your best asset moving ahead.businesspeople

Call Recordings Protect Everyone

It’s probably easy to assume that call recordings in any format are ideal for the recorder, or company, and less so for the customer. That really isn’t the case! In fact, having call recordings on file means that you will always be able to come back to a conversation should a customer have a dispute.

This avoids a lot of the ‘he said, she said’ of call centre debate. While all agents are required to leave notes on incoming and outgoing calls in most cases, having call recordings in place will mean that you can always investigate conversations should customers have complaints.

Therefore, should customers have legitimate concerns that they want to raise with your company, this is likely to be a reliable way to back up their concerns. It gives you a chance to effectively train any agents who may be at fault, too.

Call Recordings Speed Up Disputes

Call recordings will also help to streamline the dispute and/or complaints process should any concerns or grievances arise from customers. No one wants a complaint to travel down the same route for weeks on end. Oftentimes, these complaints can fester and spiral out of control simply because there is far too much debate.

With call recordings, you’ll be able to instantly tell who said what, when, and to what extent. This means that there is no room for debate – recordings identify the outcome of a case. Therefore, should either the agent or the customer be at fault, it is quicker and easier to close down a case. That benefits both parties depending on the case in question.

It Makes Training More Effective

As mentioned, call recordings can be genuine assets when it comes to streamlining training packages for agents. Not only does it mean that you can set up training packages that are more precise – so you can home in on specifics from call to call – it also means that you can effectively show new trainees and employees the right and wrong ways to take and make calls!

Calls recorded through Planet Telecom are PCI compliant, and what’s more, they will be available for training purposes as agreed by customer and agent. Therefore, a quick, effective way to get new employees on board and up to speed is to simply walk them through a few examples.

Why Choose Planet Telecom?

For the low cost of just £5 per month plus 1p per minute standard rate, you can benefit from a call recording package that’s autonomous, easy to arrange, and available flexibly through MP3 format. It really couldn’t be easier to arrange.

There are no max call lengths, and your recordings will automatically back up in an accessible directory for you to listen to later on.

At Planet Telecom, we understand that call recording is a genuine asset to modern business. Why not take a look at the service we have to offer and get in touch if you’d like to know more? We’re here to help.