Why Choose a Virtual London Number?

1st April 2020

London is the UK’s social and economic hub. It is also one of the most marvellous cities in the world. This is why businesses are always striving to open offices here. A London office will expose your company to an international pool of customers and potential business partners that will expand your reach.

Of course, setting up an office in London is easier said than done. The cost of renting a space in a commercial building exceeds the financial muscle of most small businesses. However, you do not necessarily need an office in London to take advantage of the glamour and prestige the city offers.london virtual number

In fact, the only thing you need is a virtual London number. They are easy to secure. And once you get one, these are just a few of the benefits it will bring to the table:

Build a prestige company image

A virtual London number will do wonders for your company’s image. As was suggested above, people associate the city of London with prestige. While it makes sense to get a virtual London number to target London customers, the presence of a virtual London number on your promotional material will also draw the interest of customers outside the city.

The people dialling your number are going to presume that your company is situated in London. They will conclude that you are a professional business entity with a solid reputation and a wide-ranging customer base.

Simply put, a virtual London number will make you desirable in the eyes of unsuspecting customers, many of whom will seek to establish ties with your company solely for the perceived status they will earn from transacting with a London establishment.

Attract local audiences

If you have a virtual London number, the people living and working in London are going to presume that you are locally based. This is going to encourage them to reach out to you. A lot more realize people than you prefer to transact with companies in their local communities.

They believe that businesses with offices in the areas where they live or work are more trustworthy. In many cases, it is a simple matter of habit. If you live in London, then it only makes sense for you to get your products and services from a London establishment.

One way of tapping into the London market is to open up an office in the city. But as was mentioned above, small businesses cannot afford such an undertaking. More importantly, a virtual London number achieves the exact same objective.

It will create the impression that your company operates out of London and this will increase the chances of the city’s population giving their business to you.

‘Local search’ benefits

A virtual London number can help improve your rank on Google. Some people do not give their Google rankings much attention though, but that is a mistake. Your company’s ranking in the search engine is going to impact a potential customer’s ability to find you online.

If you have a virtual London number and you have taken the time to update your information on ‘google my business’, a customer in London Googling products and services within your field is more likely to find you.

This will further cement your presence in London even though you have neither an office nor remote workers in the city.

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