What is VoIP and how can your company benefit from it

21st November 2017

For a small business stepping into its first business venture, having great call quality is essential to bring together the customer and the company. This is where VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) can play a key role in expanding your business. Listed below is a small definition of VoIP and how it can ultimately benefit you and your employees

Voip phone system

  1. Defining VoIP

Before diving into the benefits of VoIP, it is always helpful to have a small description of what VoIP is. Rather than depending on analogue telephone systems, VoIP depends on internet broadband and allows any employee to make calls over the internet. Once an internet call is made, VoIP converts a voice into internet data that is stored and can be transferred on an international scale. It is cheap, sometimes even free, as these calls would make use of your broadband package and not off any telephone service providers.

  1. How can this benefit my business:

For new businesses, the key to utilising VoIP is in its useful features for market automation. For repetitive phone calls or retaining marketing information or previous customer conversations, VoIP not only can be stored in the cloud but has many features to record and transcribe recorded conversations into workable emails. Instead of an employee transcribing a conversation, and taking up a lot of time doing so, VoIP can transcribe the person’s name, number and any message once. This will leave the employee to deal with the message as they see fit, giving more attention to the business transaction itself without being forced to deal with minor formatting problems.

  1. Flexibility and Changes

Say your business is aiming to have a fresh start or a change of face. Whilst previously it may have been a problem to change your number and contact details, VoIP can easily change phone numbers as well as combine mobile lines with business lines, and as the lines are all virtual there is no longer the need to hire an engineer to install a new phone cable. VoIP can aid businesses with its fast broad as well as its ability to multitask. Employees can now hold virtual meetings with video calls, even when a colleague is not in the office. Thus, an internal business can now be held in any place due to the internet.

A VoIP converter, like a memory stick, can even sense signals directly from traditional phones that can be converted to digital data. These can be placed on the computer and instantly update a phone to the world wide web.

  1. An electronic assistant at your fingertips

All business employees need a moment to consider their schedule and how can best make use of a working day. With VoIP, your electronic system can be set up to have an auto-attendant assistant to remind you of your schedule, place your calls on “do not disturb,” or even direct potential clients through a menu to have them reach the correct employee. This will allow your workers (and customers) to gain an aura of professionalism.