What is numerology, and how could it influence your choice of phone number?

3rd November 2019

Have you noticed that, since taking up a particular phone number for your business, the customers and deals your company has landed seem to have increased? Maybe it’s just because the new number is easier for people to recall, leading them to more often use it.

That phone number’s unexpected success may even have sprung from something called numerology. Here’s an introduction to it and how you could incorporate its principles into your company’s phone numbering scheme, hopefully helping you to unlock even greater success.

Let’s get straight to the point with introducing numerologyWhat is numerology

The rules of numerology state that each phone number has a numerological value affecting not only the character of the person owning that number but also events that occur to this person. Determining this value starts with adding together all of the number’s components.

The Numerology Meaning site brings up an example telephone number of 89191112234. Therefore, to calculate the numerological value here, you would add together 8, 9, 1, 9, 1, 1, 1, 2, 2, 3 and 4 to produce 41. From there, you would add 4 to 1 and so finally reach a single digit: 5.

This number, the numerological value, has a special meaning which hints at whether the phone number is really the aptest choice for your organisation. For example, 2 is associated with diplomacy and tact, making it well-suited to salespeople. Meanwhile, 3 is about creativity and fun and so would be a better choice for artists and musicians.

However, according to numerology, the most business-friendly value is 8, as it attracts money and boosts confidence. Meanwhile, if you run a charity or healthcare organisation, you might be better off with 9, as it is primarily linked with idealism and compassion.

How could your numerological value have an effect?

The Affinity Numerology site explains that the numerology energy of telephone numbers only brings an effect when that energy is being interacted with. In other words, the energy can only be influential when the telephone is used or otherwise associated with.

For example, if all that a potential customer knows about you is your phone number, this can subtly affect how they initially perceive you. When that person directly interacts with the number by calling it or starting a conversation on it, the numerology energy can continue to affect them subtly.

However, this energy is only an external influence, leaving the energy only capable of directly affecting someone when they are associating with the number – whether that person is the caller or the person, possibly you, on the other end of the phone.

How significant is the number’s area code?

According to a Medium article, studies suggest that the area code is not the most crucial aspect of the phone number as a whole. This is because the area code pertains more strongly to the relevant region than you, the individual. If you’re still considering how to choose my mobile number using numerology, we can address your concern and provide a tailored number, too!