What Is Call Routing and Why It’s Vital for Your Company

20th January 2020

The Complete Guide: What Is Call Routing and Why It’s Vital for Your Company

We’re pretty sure Alexander Graham Bell was proud of the telephone when he patented it in 1876. It’s less likely that he could have even guessed how important – and versatile – his invention would become over a century later.

Businesses can now use services like call recording, call routing, and even virtual switchboards. Your telephone system can extend far beyond a simple communication tool.

Are you considering call routing but wondering how it can benefit your business? Read on to learn more.call routing

What is Call Routing?

Call routing is a way to manage the inbound calls to your business.

A customer or client calls your business. They reach your telephone system, which sends the caller to a queue.

It uses a range of factors to choose which queue to send the caller to, including:

  • time of day
  • call volume
  • a specific person or department requested
  • reason for the call

That’s not all call routing can do.

Are There Different Types of Routing?

With the right call routing plan, you can direct calls whichever way you want.

At its most basic, the system directs calls to different lines in your office until your staff answers them. You can set up in which order you want the phones to ring.

Another option lets you set up your system to direct calls to specific lines. This works on a percentage basis. You might have 60 percent of your calls go to line one, since that’s your receptionist, while 20 percent of calls might go to line two.

You might have all the handsets in your office ring, rather than a central reception phone. The system can even direct calls to handsets across several locations or have calls routed to your mobile phone outside of business hours to make sure calls are answered. You can automate the schedule in advance.

What Are the Benefits of Call Routing?

Thanks to the Pareto Principle, you’ll make 80 percent of your income from 20 percent of your customers. So it’s easier to run a business by keeping your existing customers, rather than finding new ones.

Call routing is an excellent way to improve the customer experience so you can keep them coming back. Meanwhile, you don’t miss important phone calls.

It’s also a great way to handle inbound calls so you utilise all your staff. Calls are distributed evenly. You won’t have staff sitting waiting for calls, and callers spend less time on hold.

Having calls directed to all handsets regardless of location saves you from needing multiple phone numbers. Customers can call a central number and reach one of your staff.

Even at a simple level, having all handsets ring at once means calls are answered quicker. That means customers spend less time waiting for an answer.

By helping them quicker, you improve their experience of your company which increases brand loyalty. That, in turn, boosts customer retention.

Ready to Get Set Up?

Now you know what call routing is and how it can benefit your business. It also has huge benefits for your customers and will drastically improve their experience.

If you’ve got specific questions, why not contact us today? We’d love to get you set up with the right call routing plan to suit your business.