What is a good virtual phone system to run a small business?

5th August 2019

First of all, let’s just clarify what a virtual phone system is, as not everybody is entirely sure. The ‘virtual’ element of a VPS does make it seem as though it’s something a little intangible, perhaps even ethereal. Rest assured, though, that you will certainly be able to reach out and feel the many benefits of upgrading to an easy-to-manage, ultra-efficient virtual phone system.virtual phone system VPS

Why it’s better than a conventional landline

Businesses of all sizes have operated successfully with conventional landlines for years and can continue to do so until BT puts an end to them in 2025. However, these landlines already look ineffective when compared to the extra options and additional benefits of cloud-based phone systems. For instance, conventional landlines require expensive, on-site hardware, and can cost thousands of pounds to install on a large scale.

In contrast, a cloud-based virtual phone system doesn’t require any additional hardware; implementation is as simple as logging into any website or application and from any phone, tablet or laptop device. Then it comes to the contract for a virtual phone system. Whereas a conventional landline contract would usually require you to agree a minimum 12- to 18-month contract, you won’t always be tied into a lengthy contract with a virtual phone system.

Why a virtual phone system is ideal for small businesses

According to Ofcom, 83% of small businesses and SMEs agree that they wouldn’t be able to meet their goals without a reliable communications system. This large proportion, more than 4 in 5 businesses, makes sense. However, interestingly, 34% don’t believe they have the confidence to identify communications products or services that could benefit their organisation.

Essentially, small businesses and SMEs can become stuck in something of a communications quandary. If you’ve been running your business from home or a small, rented office or studio, completely revamping the phone system in the building can seem not only bothersome but even unnecessary. After all, what’s there right now, works right now – but does it work the way you do?

Flexibility – within any small business, there will naturally be several staff members who need to be in multiple places throughout the week in order to remain competitive. Just like with a mobile phone, a virtual phone system can follow you everywhere you go. All you need is an internet connection and a device to connect – and you can work from anywhere.

Control– with a virtual phone system, such as our own hosted VoIP systems, you have complete customisability at your fingertips. No spending hours on the phone to a telecoms provider and waiting days or weeks for an engineer to adapt your local network. Instead, you’ll be able to scale your service up or down as you like and as your business requires.

Operate more efficiently– if you receive an urgent request for a video or phone call, you’ll be able to respond from your work number, even when you’re out and about. You can even create memorable contact numbers for your business and operate from a London or 0800 number, all without even having to relocate your office.

To discuss a virtual phone system for your business and discover how easy and cost-efficient that system is to set up, give our team of experts a call on 0800 088 6886 today.