What is a call answering service and how can it better your business?

20th February 2018

In this day and age, we are time poor and gadget rich. If we have to pick up a phone to order a takeaway or speak to a friend, this is unusual and feels time-consuming.  This kind of a 24-hour society has found that many customers expect businesses to answer their queries not only satisfactorily, but also promptly. This can pose a big problem if you run a company, as you might already have your hands full and therefore not always be on hand to take calls at the drop of a hat.

A good way of making sure that you don’t miss out on speaking to your customers, even when you are very busy, is utilising a call answering service. Here are details of what it is and how it could help your business.

What is a call answering service and how can it better your business?Turn problems into solutions

If your business is small, you might take care of many corporate responsibilities that, in larger companies, would be delegated to other people. Therefore, when a customer rings your phone, you are unlikely to have a network of people on hand to pick up the call.

Though some companies in this situation might mull over hiring in-house customer service staff, they can be pricey to implement and maintain, Business News Daily points out. Hence, such staff might have to be ruled out as a possibility for cash-strapped businesses.

However, by drawing upon a call answering service, you can arrange for the staff here at Planet Telecom to take calls when you and any other in-house staff would be too busy to do so. Our staff can instantly and professionally answer incoming business calls on your company’s behalf.

Noteworthy benefits of a call answering service

You probably don’t need us to explain how frustrating it can be to attempt to phone a business only to be greeted by a pre-recorded message asking the caller to leave a voicemail message. It means that your concern isn’t being addressed quickly – and so you might abandon the call and look for an alternative company that would be capable of speedily tackling your problem.

This means that whether or not a real person can quickly and politely answer a customer’s call can make a difference between getting a sale and losing one. Worse than that, you could actually lose a relationship. That customer could have been someone who would have decided to keep buying from your company on a regular basis; instead, the relationship has faltered before it’s even started.

It’s also worth pointing out that, despite the rise of the Internet and social media, many people still appreciate a human connection when seeking customer service. Scottish newspaper the Daily Record observes that, even after finding a company’s details online, a potential customer might proceed with a phone call to check that the product or service they want is available.

What can you expect from our call answering service?

With our call answering service, we offer professional and friendly UK operators who can take calls for your company between the hours of 8:30am and 6pm each weekday. They can answer each incoming call within three rings – and so not leave potential customers of your firm waiting. Our website includes details of charges for different packages available with our call answering service.