What are the advantages of VoIP?

28th July 2018

VoIP systems have become hugely popular in companies of all sizes, replacing traditional phone lines when it comes to day-to-day communications. That’s because they come with many benefits, often making them cheaper and more reliable.

Of course, your choice to invest in a VoIP service will hugely depend on the nature of your business. That’s why we always encourage prospective customers to weigh up the pros and cons before they contact us about what we can do for them.Advantages of VOIP

  • It’s easy to install and maintain

In comparison with other telephone systems, IP phones are easy to install even for those who aren’t technically minded. Plus, with hosted VoIP software you can quickly and easily add or remove users.

  • You can call from anywhere in the world

If you are a remote business or if you have employees who travel a lot one of the greatest benefits of VoIP is that it gives you a virtual number. Your calls can be diverted to anywhere in the world because most calls are hosted on the cloud.

  • Cheaper than a traditional phone line

One of the main reasons that companies tend to switch to a VoIP system is to save money. With a traditional phone system, the setup can be costly and if your company makes a lot of long distance or international calls you’d find yourself paying a huge amount.

  • It can integrate with other business systems

A VoIP phone service is internet-based therefore it will be easier for you to integrate it into other business systems or applications that you need to use every day. This might include things such as placing outbound calls through Outlook or bring up a record of a customer’s inbound calls.

  • You’ll benefit from many features

Your chosen VoIP provider might offer you additional features such as caller id, voicemail to email transcription, hold music, call screening, and an auto attendant. Features will differ depending on the company you choose, so it’s always worth comparing service providers.

Are there any disadvantages of VoIP?

VoIP probably sounds like the best option for your business, but as with everything, it’s important to know the disadvantages before you decide to commit.

  • Internet connections aren’t always reliable

If there is a power outage, a regular phone line will maintain a current so that you can still use it. Therefore to use a VoIP system during a power outage you’ll need to have a generator installed.

  • Emergency phone calls

Calls to the emergency services via a traditional phone system will be traced so that your location can be determined. A VoIP call is a transfer of data between two IP addresses; therefore, they won’t know where you’re calling from if you can’t tell them.

  • Voice quality may be compromised

The voice quality of your VoIP system will depend on many factors including your broadband connection, hardware, service provider, location, etc.

  • Broadband Internet security

All Internet technologies will have security concerns, and VoIP is no different. You may be at risk of identity theft, spamming, call tampering and phishing attacks.