What Are The Advantages of VoIP Over PSTN?

4th December 2020

If you’re running any kind of business in the modern age, the way you connect to – and with – people is crucial. It’s likely that only a few years ago, a vast majority of offices and business owners were making use of the same old landlines and PSTN connections. Yes – traditional telephony has served us amazingly well over the years, but technology is marching on, and more and more of us are taking advantage of VoIP instead of the standard connectivity.

There are some pretty obvious reasons why this is the case, however, there are still plenty of business owners there who have yet to really make the full leap into VoIP. It is still a very new concept for a lot of people! Therefore, it really is time to take a look at the facts, and to consider all the clear differences between VoIP and PSTN. Otherwise, you could be finding yourself falling behind the pack in the years to come!

Let’s take a look at some of the biggest advantages VoIP has over traditional PSTN.

Clearer Lines

This is an instant benefit. Anyone who has ever had to make or take calls on a landline will know that voice comms can suffer as a result of all kinds of problems with physical lines. Even something as innocuous as a little bit of wind or a bit of rain could impact on the quality of your calls! It’s amazing that PSTN has lasted as long as it has, but that’s all the more to the credit of our best telephony engineers!

VoIP takes away the risks of your calls getting cut off as well as of your developing snow or annoying crackles on the line. This means that you will be able to hear colleagues, customers, and clients clearer than ever before. This is not just a bonus for you, but for anyone you are doing business with! No one wants to have to strain their ears, and what’s more, no one wants to have to bumble around calling back again and again.

As VoIP is based via data connection, there’s no risks of a magpie or two sitting on a telegraph pole to send your calls off-piste.

It’s More Cost-Effective

Yes – modern technology is more cost-effective than the old standards. Think about it this way – if it wasn’t, what would be the point in creating it in the first place? VoIP takes away plenty of little financial annoyances to add up to an impressive overall saving.

One of the biggest is line rental and maintenance. Over the years, through PSTN, you will likely have to spend thousands on just keeping your lines up. This can be an added annoyance on top of the time and hassle you’d normally have to invest just in keeping your cables in place. When you’re running a business, the last thing you need to lose is time, if not money!

VoIP removes the need for annoying line rental and maintenance costs. As cloud-based VoIP is managed off site, there’s also no need for you to have to take time out from making money just to fix problems you might be facing.

Side by side, VoIP is likely to save you more money, as well as make you more money, in the long run. As you can potentially take more calls more often through VoIP, there’s also incredible revenue growth potential, too. It’s a win-win scenario when it comes to finances.

It’s More Flexible

When you hook your office up via PSTN, you have to stay fixed in one place. It means setting up a series of hardware and software which will connect through the same old wires and outlets. This really does fix you in place, and in the modern age, you are going to need to be as flexible as you possibly can.

With VoIP, this is another added bonus. VoIP can be accessed via app off-site, for example. Therefore, if you do have any agents or team members who want to work remotely, they can still take advantage of the same connectivity speed and clarity outside of the office. This, too, reduces costs further – as it means you won’t have to shell out anything for mobile phone handsets or contracts!

This also means that you can be infinitely scalable. VoIP is flexible enough to allow you to add more and more people to your communications centre. This means that you won’t have to worry about buying up scores of additional hardware or set up miles of extra wiring just to welcome in new members of staff.

You can scale up and down with VoIP, as well as out and around – with PSTN, this just isn’t possible. Do yourself a favour and move to something a little looser on the chain!

It’s The Future

VoIP is here to stay. BT acknowledges that landlines as we know them will likely be put to seed by the mid-20s, which means anyone setting up a new PSTN connection will only be doing so for a temporary period. The writing is on the wall – VoIP is becoming the leading standard in terms of business and commercial communications, and within five or six years, those who aren’t already moving across will face getting left behind.

If you’re worrying about this, there’s no need to waste your time panicking about what-ifs! Make a point of changing over from PSTN to VoIP in the first instance. It’ll have a positive impact on your finances, your customers’ experiences, and also those of your employees and team!

Planet Telecom is pleased to offer a cloud based, flexible and scalable VoIP service which is built to help offer you scalability and flexibility for years to come. Come and take a look at what we have to offer! Call us now or get in touch with us via web form to find out more – and we will be more than pleased to show you a world of difference.