Virtual Phone Number: Myths and Misconceptions

8th October 2019

Communication technology has come a long way. The reach of VoIP is rapidly expanding and more companies are relying on phone answering services than ever before. But you still have some opposition. Virtual phone numbers, for instance, still encounter resistance in many companies even though pricing comparison tools will tell you that they are one of the most effective communication technologies on the market.

A lot of that resistance can be blamed on the myths surrounding virtual phone numbers, misconceptions like the following:

Qualityvirtual phone numbers

Some people keep insisting that phone calls made through virtual numbers are poor in quality. They base this assessment on the personal experiences they have had, not with virtual numbers, but VoIP phone calls performed from the comfort of their own homes, perhaps using broadband with low bandwidth or slow speeds.

While it is true that VoIP and virtual numbers go hand in hand these days, you cannot compare the phone calls you make with Skype on your PC to the quality that our business-grade equipment can deliver to a business. Calls made using virtual phone numbers are just as clear as the highest quality phone call a traditional communication line can produce. And they also bring added benefits that legacy systems cannot match.


People think that virtual phone numbers are cheap because they are unreliable, the result of their over-reliance on the internet. After all, if the internet goes down, hosted phone services collapse, right? That isn’t true. The best hosted phone systems in the UK ensure resilience by not relying on single location network switches.

There are redundancies in place that will keep your business communication systems online even when your internet goes down. And even if the failure is so catastrophic that it disables your communication services, there are still ways to redirect calls to other devices such as your mobile phone.


Many telecoms experts assume that people avoid hosted phone services because they are worried about the cost. But that is rarely the case. For many business managers, the biggest obstacle is technical knowledge. Virtual phone numbers sound so complicated and these people cannot help but worry that they might lack the technical knowledge required to manipulate them.

But this is also false. Anyone from Planet Numbers will tell you that virtual phone numbers are no different from ordinary phone numbers. You use them in the exact same way that you would utilise any regular phone number.

Yes, you have more features to play with but they are also not that difficult to understand. Hosted Phone services have a fast learning curve. They are never as complex as everyone thinks.


Some people think that virtual phone numbers, though cost-effective, cannot replicate the attributes of a traditional phone number. They presume that a virtual number delivers so many new features by sacrificing all the old ones. But that is a lie. A virtual number, at its core, provides all the same capabilities as a traditional number.


Virtual phone numbers have so many features, more than most people will ever use. For this reason, some people think that this technology is meant for big businesses only. Large corporations definitely enjoy the benefits of virtual communication systems.

But one could argue that virtual numbers were actually made for small businesses, to help them attain the robust communication abilities that large businesses enjoy at only a fraction of the cost.

Don’t let anyone trick you into thinking that your business is too small for our services. Our products will benefit you regardless of whether you’re operating out of a massive skyscraper or a tiny garage. To get an affordable virtual phone number for your business, give us a call free on 0800 088 6886 today.