Using VoIP Overseas: An International Business Blessing

4th April 2022

The Covid-19 outbreak has altered business practices throughout the world. As a result, we are no longer as eager to go to other countries for business as we were before. It is not only difficult because of social distance, but the cost is prohibitive. This is where the VoIP system comes into play to make your life easier.

Working with individuals outside the UK in a timely, secure, and cost-effective manner opens up a whole new universe of options for businesses phones. From 2017-to 2024, the mobile VoIP market is expected to reach 14 billion dollars. VoIP services are replacing the traditional phone line. But why? It is because A VoIP phone system offers many more features than an analog phone. It is also less expensive.

Voice over IP: What to expect?

The fact is that VoIP is simple to set up and use for personal and business calls. Internet calls are possible if your internet connection is active. The mobile VoIP app on an iPhone or Android device makes using your VoIP phone service much more accessible. Once you have downloaded a free VoIP program, you can begin making VoIP calls.

VoIP systems are capable of much more than just voice calls. VoIP services provide a plethora of features such as:

All are available at a low cost that even small businesses can afford. However, the first thing that every company should realise is that moving to VoIP may significantly reduce their monthly expenditures.

A computer and an internet connection make it possible to communicate with anyone and eliminate the need for local telephone services. Because VoIP solutions are based on open standards, they can be used on any computer. VoIP providers do more than connect calls. Analog lines are used to convey voice signals in traditional telephones.


Globalisation has made it possible for businesses to locate anywhere. Therefore, meetings often need to be held in other cities. However, it is no longer necessary to miss out on making critical conversations or sending essential documents with a VoIP service.

VoIP phone systems are incredibly dependable. VoIP has evolved throughout time, with programs such as Skype and FaceTime leading the way. VoIP has been used by numerous enterprises worldwide and is continually changing, making it one of the most dependable telecommunication systems.


A VoIP service can significantly benefit you if your business is on the move because it will follow you wherever you go. Portability is a crucial factor for many companies. The flexibility and portability provided by VoIP phone systems can be important for enterprises. A VoIP network allows both desk-based and mobile users to access your phone system.

VoIP’s portability benefit is great for firms with on-the-road employees or home workers since they may connect directly to your VoIP telephone system via your VoIP network.

An affordable cost-per-call

Many VoIP providers offer free domestic and international long-distance calls to businesses that use VoIP. In the case of two callers conversing on standard telephone lines, each is allocated a line. The number of lines available on a landline is limited, so it is expensive to make calls from a landline. However, utilising the Internet to transmit call data avoids this issue, making domestic and long-distance calls less expensive.

Better Call quality

There’s virtually nothing more irritating than having to ask callers to repeat themselves. HD Voice provides better audio quality over your phone line. Voice over IP technology makes phone conversations twice as clear as conventional phone calls.

VoIP uses your internet connection to provide better quality calls than other alternatives. A VoIP phone system offers its customers HD voice via the Internet, with remarkable clarity and clear sounds.

VoIP headsets and phones are often equipped with noise-canceling features for better sound quality. Even in long-distance conversations, the high-definition sound clarity is apparent.

Enhanced security

Phone system security is critical, particularly for corporations. It has never been so important to protect personally identifiable information. VoIP can reduce such security vulnerabilities by exploiting IP technological developments such as encryption and enhanced identity management.

Working with a trustworthy VoIP provider conducting independent security audits, ensuring staff adopts good password habits, and configuring automatic warnings for suspect-calling activity is part of securing your VoIP system.

Furthermore, it is usually recommended to perform operating system upgrades on a regular basis to guarantee that newer vulnerabilities do not jeopardise your organisation.

Easy Conference Calls

Your company may employ a regular phone system that allows you to take part in conference calls. Still, you will have to pay for an additional service to host numerous callers for a conference. Many VoIP phone systems have these features.

Video conferencing is also made more accessible by VoIP services. Of course, these are rare occurrences, but the face-to-face connection with colleagues and clients when company workers are away from the office is much more manageable with a VoIP phone system.

Final Words

Here you can find all the information you need about VoIP services. We are actively helping businesses transition from traditional phone systems to unified communication solutions with our convenient communication services.

Commercial phone systems boost your company’s reputation and dependability. However, not all phone providers are the same.

Before choosing a service provider, consider your company’s particular needs. The first step in selecting a phone plan for your business is determining your objectives. Determine what you need today, tomorrow, and over the next several years.