The staggering cost difference between standard international calls and business accounts

15th June 2019

If your business has significantly expanded its reach overseas, or at least aims to, you have probably become accustomed to eye-watering charges simply for calling workers, customers or clients from the UK to another country. Those costs could eat heavily into an already tight corporate budget.

As points out, a BT customer phoning Australia could have to pay 90p a minute for the privilege, while you could end up paying a per-minute charge of £1.50 if you are on Vodafone. It’s amazing to think that you could save up to 96% just by switching to business accounts.

“Hold on, did you say 96%?”cheaper international calls

Yes, we did. That’s a potential saving when registering a Planet Telecom Business Account, which would allow you to send your international calls over our internet network… or, to be more exact, VoIP network. All the while, the per-minute rate would be miniscule compared to what you know.

“How is this even possible?”, you might blurt out. “Surely there’s a catch?” In truth, making calls internationally while continuing to make a positive impression on overseas contacts does not have to be as prohibitively expensive as you were probably thinking.

Our business accounts can present you with a surprisingly cost-effective way of making regular calls. If you remain doubtful even now, here’s a look at how our business accounts can compare to other cost-cutting options at your disposal when you run a business with worldwide reach.

What options could you consider when trying to save money?

It’s fair to say that, as costs keep stacking up, international calls can begin to seem so expensive that you may wonder whether attempting to thrive in a foreign market is ultimately a lost cause.

It doesn’t help that you could be frittering away money on expenses other than international calling rates, heavily expensive though those rates can be. Even if you currently have access to attractive rates, you might still be paying excessively on monthly service fees, points out.

You could see this as your cue to set up a business account, especially if your company tends to make international calls regularly rather than occasionally or rarely. However, before you sign up to any new phone deal, read the fine print carefully. Otherwise, you could be caught out by tricky conditions and restrictions that considerably bump up the overall cost.

What can you expect with a Planet Telecom Business Account?

Once your Planet Telecom Business Account is set up, you won’t need to worry about paying extortionate fees to the likes of BT or Vodafone. Instead, you can pay our much smaller per-minute rate, plus a modest, per-call access charge, which will range from just 1p to 5p depending on your call volumes.

In calling over our VoIP network, you can benefit from crystal-clear and essentially lag-free quality. To give you an idea of savings that can be made with Planet Telecom: you can phone the USA, France or Australia for 2p or less, with charges potentially falling to 1p when making calls internationally.