The many benefits of using a memorable telephone number for your business

11th December 2018

The use of telephone numbers within a business is often extremely overlooked; your telephone number is usually the main point of contact for businesses – not just in the UK but all across the world.

One way in which you can leverage the effectiveness of your telephone system is by including a highly memorable telephone number in your advertising and promotions. Memorable phone numbers can help to increase the quantity of inbound calls that your company receives. And this will undoubtably create more leads and therefore increase the overall revenue of the company.

It may seem incredibly simple, but the main benefit of advertising a highly memorable telephone number is that it can attract a lot of repeat business. If you offer customers a contact number that can easily be remembered then your customers will be much more likely to call you when they require your services rather than trawl through the internet looking at all the alternatives.

Another benefit of using a memorable telephone number is the professional image that comes with it. Aesthetically memorable telephone numbers look better, for example the phone number 0333 333 3333 looks so much better than 0345 319 5318. You may not realise but consumers will note the memorable phone number you’re advertising and will make a pre-conceived judgement on how your business is being presented as well as your reputation.

It may not be everyone’s cup of tea but if you’ve managed to secure a catchy telephone number, you could put it into a jingle. This would help your phone number become a recognisable aspect of your business and its promotions. Extremely similar to the 0800 00 1066 campaign by run by Hastings direct.  Some may find this annoying but it’s a great way to get your phone number stuck in people’s heads.

Using a memorable telephone number will also allow you to measure the success of your advertising campaigns. Typically companies that use memorable phone numbers usually have advertising campaigns that are heavily centred on the number.  Using our online dashboard you’ll be able to view call statistics and see which of your phone numbers is receiving the most calls. This will allow you to see which of your advertising campaigns are receiving the best response rates. Collecting this data can be extremely useful when planning campaigns in the future, as you’ll be to see which marketing strategies have been successful previously and how you can make the most out of your marketing budget.

We offer a wide range of memorable telephone numbers, the most popular of which being, 0800’s, 03’s and local 01/02 numbers.

Each of these number ranges have their own benefits. Which range you choose depends entirely on the way you’re trying to portray your business.

0800 numbers are typically advertised by organisations operating on a nationwide basis that are offering the customers a free point of contact through the 0800 number.

03 numbers are typically used by organisations that are also looking to advertise on nationally. rather than being tied to one specific location. 03 numbers have increased in popularity over the years as they are inexpensive to run and service providers offer a variety of plans and packages, and often include calls to 03’s at no charge.

Finally we have local numbers, these are used by organisations that want to appear that they operate within a specific location.  For example if the business wanted to advertise for customers in Bournemouth they’d use a 01202 number. Various industries can benefit from advertising a local area number.  The obvious example being taxi companies as customers will see the local number being advertised and will instantly know that this taxi company operates within their local area.

Here’s a few examples of some of currently available memorable 0800, 03 & 01/02 numbers:


  • 0800 050 2000
  • 0800 075 1000
  • 0800 075 5000
  • 0800 999 9994
  • 08000 250 250


  • 0333 333 3333
  • 0333 703 703
  • 0333 704 704
  • 0330 333 2222
  • 0345 2 222 7777

Local 01/02’s

  • 020 8000 9000 (London)
  • 01538 555 555 (Leek)
  • 01158 51 51 51 (Nottingham)
  • 01252 888 999 (Aldershot)
  • 02380 08 08 08 (Southampton)

We have a huge range of memorable numbers available, which can be viewed here

If you have any questions about our services or are interested in getting a memorable phone number for your business,  then feel free to give us a call on 0345 077 7777.