The Cost of Calling: Why Businesses Use 0333 Numbers

13th August 2020

As technology continues to evolve, it’s typical to think that some forms of communication are obsolete. With digital platforms providing spaces for engagement, the relevance of phone calls is called into question. To some extent, phone calls are no longer sufficient. But it doesn’t mean you should get rid of your landline completely.Even in the tech-driven market, landlinecalls are still one of the essential communication channels.

Phone calls give your existing and potential customers a direct line to your business. Unlike emails, text messages, and online chats, a phone call offers real-time response. It also adds the much-needed human element to engagement. During calls, you may build an emotional relationship between your customer and the business. This often leads to better brand awareness and stronger brand loyalty.

Make the most of this communication channel. No matter how small or large your business is, you will need a professional landline number. Consider acquiring a 0333 number for your business to offer customers an affordable option to communicate with you.

What is a 0333 number?

A 0333 number is a landline number that isn’t associated with any geographic location. This means it’s impossible to identify the location of the landline associated with the number. Different organisations often use this to provide callers with a single contact number that’s accessible wherever they are in the country.

Why get a 0333 number?

Standard landline numbers are subject to city or regional regulations. When a customer calls landline numbers, they will have to add a location-specific code, which might require an extra charge because it is out of their city or region. Calling a 0333 number prevents these inconveniences.

The non-geographic nature of 0333 numbers allows callers to skip those steps. They simply need to dial the number as it is listed and wait to be connected. The charges are also adjusted; calls often cost the same as 01 or 02 landline numbers.

The Cost of Calling 0333 Numbers

Since the exact location of the landline can’t be identified, typical city or regional charges do not apply to them. When a customer calls your 0333 number, they will be charged the standard cost. This is the reason different organisations choose this mode of communication for those who want to contact the business. The convenience it provides is a major factor in encouraging calls from customers.

Calling from a Landline

The cost of 0333 numbersfor landline callers often appear to be ‘free.’ But this isn’t completely true. Some landline callers assumeit’s free because calls to this type of numbers are often included in monthly telephone packages. These packages typically include free calls for certain times of the day. When you call a 0333 number during that timeframe, it will be charged to this incentive. But making a call outside of the free-time range will result in charges to your account.

Calling from a Mobile

More businesses are choosing to use 0333 numbers because of its convenience to mobile phone users. Since many consumers now prefer to use their smartphones, you need to offer them a cost-effective option to contact you. Most mobile phone packages include 0333 numbers in their monthly call quotas. Customers will not be charged for their calls to you, as long as they stay within their account limit.

Planet Telecom Keeps You Connected

Phone calls are essential to any business, especially for improving customer engagement. Don’t miss out on valuable connections by limiting communication channels. Acquire a 0333 number for your business to provide potential and existing customers with a convenient way to reach you.

Planet Telecom is a UK-based phone number provider. For the last two decades, we have helped businesses from different industries stay connected to their customers. The 0333 numbers we provide are suitable for companies of all sizes, from start-ups to large enterprises. There’s no need for additional equipment when you acquire this number. We connect it to your existing landline or business mobile for faster deployment.

Improve customer engagement with a number that allows for cost-effective phone calls and convenience for mobile and landline users. Get in touch with us to find out more.