Samsung’s Biggest Release Since Exploding Note 7

4th April 2017

Samsung has revealed two new handsets, the S8 and S8+. With smaller bodies, an increase in screen size and a new virtual assistant, Samsung is no doubt hoping its new flagship handsets are somewhat more of a success than their exploding Note 7.

Why did the Note 7 explode?

Samsung experienced catastrophic problems with their Note 7 due to the device’s batteries which were sourced from two separate suppliers. Explosions were caused either due to insufficient room between components or by insufficient insulation material within the batteries. It’s been estimated that the whole fiasco cost Samsung an eye watering $5.3bn.

The good news is that if you’re the proud owner of a new S8 or S8+ you needn’t worry about a repeat of Note 7 events; Jean-Daniel Ayme from Samsung Electronics says the company “took a lot of lessons on the battery… and we have implemented new types of control, new quality insurance processes that we are of course implementing in the production of the S8 and S8+”.

Say hello to Bixby

Ayme is particularly proud of the S8’s virtual assistant, Bixby. He said that Bixby is much more integrated than other virtual assistants and looks at the bigger picture in order to understand the context of the command. What’s more, they have listened to user feedback and have included a headphone jack, unlike Apple’s iPhone 7.

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