Rule of 03: what are 03 phone numbers and how do they work?

19th October 2019

Until 2007, 03 numbers didn’t exist. Back then, a company wanting specialist call routing facilities enabling it to receive calls at various locations and times but through the same, single number would have needed to implement an 08 number – hence why 03 numbers were later introduced…

Though we offer 08 numbers, we also recognise how particular drawbacks of them could lead you to favour an 03 number, also available from Planet Numbers, instead for your business.

The rationale for introducing 03 numbers03 number

The call routing functionality detailed above could prove convenient in various situations – like when you are often out of the office but don’t want to miss calls to the number you already advertise to potential customers and clients.

A company operating a network of call centres, meanwhile, could use such routing to share out incoming calls between call centres if some are experiencing a burdensome volume of call traffic. Therefore, businesses were once forced to implement 08 numbers for these purposes.

However, someone ultimately has to pay for the cost of a call – and, while freephone numbers see businesses shouldering the cost, other 08 numbers shift more of the paying responsibility to the callers. Therefore, neither type of number necessarily always provided the happiest medium.

03 numbers in a nutshell

The above situation, as describes, led telecoms regulator Ofcom to bring out 03 numbers, which were intended to afford companies the complete range of sophisticated call routing functionality without costing callers any more than a standard phone call.

Therefore, financially, people can rest easy when calling your company – a particular boon when it comes to customer services, for which companies are banned from using 084 and 087 numbers due to the EU’s Consumer Rights Directive enacted in 2014, GOV.UK reports.

This situation strengthens the incentive for you to take up 03 numbers instead – and, while the Directive’s purpose was to protect consumers, you don’t have to worry about these numbers weighing heavily on your own company’s finances…

How costly are 03 numbers for you, the business?

The answer could surprise and reassure you. Whether you take out an 0300, 0330, 0333 or 0345 number from Planet Numbers, we can connect you to that number for free, provided you choose one from our Bronze range. Small connection charges apply for our more memorable 03 numbers.

Once the number is connected, you could pay as little as £12.50 monthly for it – again, with our Bronze package. We also offer a 30-day free trial whereby, after registering a number, you can have it operational within 24 hours and not need to pay a penny for it until the 30 days have elapsed.

It all starts, though, with choosing a number – and, right now, you might be thinking: “What is the available range of 03 numbers?” Our website lists available 03 numbers – but, if you want such a number that isn’t listed, phone us on 0800 088 6886, as we might still be able to help.