Receive Faxes as Emails

26th March 2019

Planet Telecom fax to email service allows your faxes to be received as email attachments so you are able to view or save them on your computer easily.

Now when someone wants to send you a fax,  instead of having to own a fax machine, it can be sent straight to your email inbox, appearing as a pdf.  This means the document remains private and with just a click it you can view it on your PC, Mac or smartphone.

Benefits for the receiverfax to email

Confidential faxes will stay confidential for the intended person only as they are always delivered directly to your email.

No more lost faxes, paper jams, no more paper, no more waiting. The great thing about it being sent straight to your email is that there is no usage of paper or ink, no need to worry about faxes being lost, and no paper jams which can hinder you receiving important documents.  Plus, you don’t have to wait by the fax machine until you receive the document, which just wastes valuable time.

Once you’ve received the fax on your computer it’s simple to distribute; all you need to do is just forward the email to another colleague. Easy.

You can save the document on your PC without needing to store the fax in a filing cabinet or having to scan the document from the fax machine to your computer.

You can pick up your faxes anywhere you have access your to email. Should you need to, you can also change the email address that receives the faxes as often as you would like – free.

Benefits for the sender 

Our Fax to email service doesn’t only benefit the ones receiving the faxes, but also the person sending those documents as they’ll never get an engaged signal when they fax you. We all know how annoying an engaged fax can be when you’re in a hurry!


There is no additional cost for our fax to email service, you just pay the usual fees associated with any of our virtual phone numbers and you can have the fax to email service included.

If you are interested, get started by choosing your numbers or giving us a call, free on 08000 886 886