Why choose a prepaid phone service over free mobile telecom apps for your business?

12th May 2022

Since WhatsApp and other telecommunication apps have gained traction across the globe, it is natural to assume that the best way to make international calls for your business would be using these, especially since they are usually virtually free.

But their usefulness and efficiency largely depend on internet services and various other factors. It might surprise you, but there are more benefits to using a prepaid phone service than you might think.

How prepaid phone services work

Planet Telecom is a UK-based company operating for over 20 years and has one of the best track records. It will provide you with a simple and hassle-free way to connect with your international clients.
To start making calls for your business, all you have to do is pay a select upfront amount over a debit card, either online or over the phone. You will have to fill your information in a form, after which the network will send a PIN to your entered e-mail. And you’re all set up!

The PIN can be one for your entire office or different ones for every team member if each one has a different sort of work. There is also the option of ‘dynamic PINs’ where they change as often as you choose for extra security if you service highly lucrative clients.

They also have a CLI recognition system that automatically recognizes the caller from the number and allows calls to go through without entering any PIN. So, if you’re a local business, this is perfect for you.
Business owners will be able to save up to 96% of the costs incurred by international calls. To use it, dial an 01 access number and the overseas number, which then diverts the call to the PN Network, VoIP. Then you enter your PIN and number to dial your client.

How mobile apps work (WhatsApp, Telegram, etc.)

Since the arrival of apps like WhatsApp, Line and the once-popular Skype, overseas calls have gotten much cheaper and without the restrictions and extra charges that came with using standard cellular services.
This benefit is because these mobile apps use the internet instead of service providers, so if you have Wi-fi, the calls are completely free. You might only be charged if the call goes through your data plan for a small surplus, which you can avoid if you make sure it is turned off.

There has, however, been some trouble with WhatsApp where if the internet is slow, it switches to ‘airtime minutes’, which causes you to be charged at pretty much the same rates as average calls. The network does not inform you either, so you can’t hang up, and the money is added to your phone bill.

calling overseas

Pros and cons of both prepaid phone service and free mobile apps

Reading that, it is natural to wonder: why choose a paid service, however cheap, if you can get it free. For one, mobile apps only work from app to app. Not everyone uses one app, and its popularity varies from country to country; e.g. WhatsApp is banned in China.

Other than that, apps might incur hidden charges. Some transfer to ‘airtime minutes’ if the internet connection is slow, and then you’ll be paying just as much as a regular international call. There can also be various security risks.

Sure, there are pros. Apart from being free, it is really simple to sign up for an account. And if you’re a business, it is generally a given that you will have around-the-clock internet.

But if you use a prepaid service, it will be completely hassle-free after the initial payment. Just sign up and pay the upfront, and you can make calls for as long as you have credit without worrying about it expiring.
The internet may not always be trustworthy, but the Planet Telecom network can guarantee crystal clear calls and no lagging, ensuring smooth transactions. There are also no contracts or monthly subscriptions. While it might not be the cheapest service, it is transparent in its prices and gives you your money’s worth.

Why choose Planet Telecom for cheap international calls

Apart from any Ofcom charges, the site assures you that their charges will not be changing anytime soon. This assurance makes sure that you won’t have to plan for any budget changes, and the fact that the credit does not expire after any given time is also a big incentive. Once you have spent your money, you will get its worth.

The service does not have the absolute cheapest plans, but they provide excellent service. Once you sign up with your business, you will have your account manager, who will be assigned to you permanently. Available during business hours, you can contact their headquarters whenever you have questions.

One special service that Planet Telecom provides is that you can ask for a free report. There, you can easily see who called where and the duration of the calls. It is easy to see why this is beneficial, as records like these are necessary for any business.

There is also no minimum usage or limit on the number of calls. Without any monthly plans, you can use your credit whenever you need without worrying about expiry dates or hidden costs.

We hope this convinced you that the prepaid service by Planet Telecom is your best choice for making cheap international calls and that you should choose it over mobile apps.