Is Your Business Using WhatsApp? Here’s Why It Should

13th June 2024

WhatsApp is easily one of the biggest instant messaging (IM) apps on the planet. Over the past decade, it’s grown to become a clean, fast alternative to basic SMS messaging, helping people and businesses connect with each other over thousands of miles.

In fact, it’s thought around 140 billion different messages are shared via WhatsApp every single day. That’s a lot of conversations going on at once!

And yet – have you even started thinking about using it for your business?

WhatsApp might seem like a private app for friends and family – but plenty of people reach out to the brands and companies they love through the program, too.

Let’s take a look at why you should use WhatsApp for business, and how Planet Telecom can help you take advantage of all its connectivity and analytics benefits.

WhatsApp for Business API

Why WhatsApp for Business is Great for Customers

First of all, by receiving and sending messages via WhatsApp for business, you’re reaching people through an app millions are already using. They don’t have to install any extra software or log into your website to chat with advisors.

What’s more, WhatsApp supports real-time communication. There’s no need for customers to wait around for advisors to pick up messages or wonder when they will become available for support. WhatsApp tells you when messages are read, and who’s active.

All your customers need to do is enter in your WhatsApp contact number to get started. This is often just a mobile number – one you can associate with an account so they can simply start texting you for help.

On top of this, WhatsApp messages are heavily encrypted by default – end-to-end. That means customers can rest easy knowing anything they share with you isn’t going to end up in the wrong hands. Naturally, that’s a huge positive for you and your corporate reputation, too!

It’s also a quick way for customers to get in touch with you without having to spend time and money waiting on the phone to get through to an advisor. Provided they’re connected to mobile data or WiFi, they can get through to you for free and get answers almost instantly.

The last thing your customers will want is to shell out unnecessarily just to get technical help or to ask for some basic advice. With a WhatsApp line, people can get the answers they need from you in a matter of seconds.

Why WhatsApp for Business is Great for Your Brand

It’s not just customers and end users who benefit from WhatsApp for business. As the name suggests, you’re at the heart of the process!

Setting up a WhatsApp account for your business gives you access to incredible analytics, such as those through Planet Numbers. We’ll provide you with an intuitive dashboard you can use and tweak to track customer journeys and make marketing decisions from.

You can even add WhatsApp seamlessly to your current communication channels – meaning you can manage voice comms, emails, and other messages alongside WhatsApp under one roof.

You don’t have to manage WhatsApp messages through your smartphone, either. With Planet’s custom and advanced desktop software, your agents can keep track of messages and handle conversations easily through their PCs and Macs. That’s making life super-easy for your staff – meaning they can care for all your customers’ needs with the same approach.

And, let’s consider some of the broader wins for businesses who use WhatsApp. It’s easy, for one, to label and round up services and products you offer so that customers can easily get through to the right department, and the right trained agent.

It’s also super simple to maintain your brand tone of voice through WhatsApp messages. The service supports message templates, meaning you can write form responses from scratch to support people with straightforward queries. That’s not only helping customers but also ensuring your agents cut down on handling times.

Think about the potential reach for your business, too. WhatsApp is available for all major smartphones and tablets, and it’s used in many territories worldwide. That means you can keep in touch with buyers and clients all over the planet.

And then, think about the marketing potential! You could even share direct marketing messages with specific groups of customers through WhatsApp, meaning you can fine-tune how you reach people.

Ultimately, using WhatsApp for business can really turbo-charge your marketing, customer service, and general outreach. So, now all you have to do is figure out how to get started!

Getting Started with WhatsApp for Business

The great news from here is that you don’t have to worry about managing WhatsApp for your business on your own. Planet Telecom can help you transfer and manage existing numbers to the service and show you how to start using the platform from scratch.

WhatsApp is already immensely intuitive – meaning once you and your agents are up and running with our advanced desktop client, you can start exploring all of its great features as you go along.

The best news for business owners who are completely new to WhatsApp is that we can get you ported across and set up with an account without any commitment. Right now, we’re offering a 30-day free trial.

That means, if by the end of your first month, you don’t feel the platform’s working out for you, just call or email us, and you can disconnect at no charge. Try before you buy, we always say – and we’re confident you’ll want to stick with WhatsApp for business once you get stuck into all its great features.

Whether you’re in the process of setting up a brand new business communications stack or are keen to make the leap to a more intuitive customer service system, Planet Telecom will help show you how WhatsApp can make an incredible difference to your business and the people you serve.

Take a closer look at other business communications services we have to offer, and contact our team for more details about getting started with WhatsApp.