How to save even more money when travelling alone

26th October 2017

If you run an international business and have clients around the world, then the chances are that you’ll have to travel alone. Doing so can be expensive, what with the increasing cost of airfares, hotels and food, but there are ways to save money. We’ve rounded up a few below.

  1. Book your travel in advance

Although some money-saving experts recommend waiting until the last minute to book train and air travel, it can often be more expensive. We suggest booking your travel as far in advance as possible, as you can save up to 65% on your bill compared to booking at the last minute. If you know you need to be out of the country several times throughout the year, then you could even consider block booking to run up travel points and save money. And, choosing a direct flight rather than one with multiple stops not only saves you money, you will be contributing to the preservation of the environment, as a flight emits a lot more CO2 while taking off and landing.

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  1. Save on international phone callsSave on international phone calls

International phone calls can be expensive, and UK mobile phone carriers often charge over-the-odds to call home. Instead of wasting money on calls and texts packages or relying on a temperamental internet connection, consider using Planet Numbers for your international calls. That way, if you’re travelling to Pakistan, for example, then your employees at home can make cheap calls to Pakistan and speak to you for just 4p per minute, which could save hundreds of pounds. Your staff will be able to call you from any UK mobile or landline, and a prepaid account means you’ll always be in control of how much you spend.

  1. Take advantage of loyalty schemes

Some of the world’s biggest airlines and hotel companies offer loyalty schemes for business customers, so take advantage, and you’ll be able to save hundreds of pounds. Delta Airlines, British Airways and Emirates run three of the biggest loyalty programmes, while hotel chain Hilton offers loyalty points that can be converted into airline miles. Do your research and see which loyalty scheme works for you – but remember that you may end up coughing up more to stay at luxury hotels than you would if you were to choose budget a chain.

  1. Get free Wi-Fi

If you spend a lot of time in airports and hotels, then you’ll probably want access to Wi-Fi so that you can catch up on emails and prepare for your next meeting. But instead of forking out for expensive Wi-Fi passes that only last an hour or two, consider taking advantage of the free Wi-Fi that is offered at coffee shops, restaurants and public places. You may think that you’re getting a good deal on that Wi-Fi pass in your hotel room, but those passes can quickly add up and lead you to spend more than you were planning to do so.

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