How to reduce your business phone bill with VoIP

10th July 2019

It’s easy to say that one thing is cheaper than another. It’s a classic sales tactic. However, then it turns out there are several different versions of the cheaper product available and ways to upgrade it that enhance its effectiveness, and suddenly it’s actually rather extortionate in with a business voip phone service

Well, first of all, we are happy to confirm that Voice over Internet Protocol phone systems can certainly reduce your business phone bill – and that’s not just a sales tactic, or even a more cheeky sales tactic whereby we allude to it not being a sales tactic. VoIP can slash an incredible amount of money from your business phone bills – and here’s how:

Fewer bills overall – It’s entirely conceivable that, right now, there are plenty of businesses operating from a dedicated business phone, at least one mobile phone contract, and phone and broadband in several locations. A VoIP phone service allows you to integrate all of your mobile devices, and our own VoIP services give you the added option of switching to our own broadband service, too. Even if this didn’t work out cheaper, which it does (again, not a sales tactic!), it’s simpler for you to keep track of.

Easy to set up – As more and more services have gone digital, and technology has advanced, it’s no longer necessary to become an expert in tech and digital innovation to manage even multiple platforms. Instead, the technology is now so advanced that the platforms are simpler to use and maintain than their analogue predecessors. With added simplicity, too, comes more time to analyse where your money is going – and how to keep saving it.

Lower maintenance costs – Naturally, as your business grows and business needs change, you’ll want to move offices, or even have a reshuffle where you are now. VoIP phones can be simply unplugged, moved to a new location and plugged back into the Local Area Network – and it won’t cost you a penny in service charges. With VoIP, you’re only ever a call or email away from all the assistance you need.

Substantially reduced line costs – With VoIP for business, your conventional phone line is replaced by a SIP trunk. This immediately saves somewhere around 20% to 50% on your monthly phone bill from the moment your VoIP line is live. You also won’t need to spend money on setting up new lines or equipment, and your monthly bill will only ever fluctuate depending on how often you’ve been making extra calls. With your mobiles fully integrated, you’ll be saving money on your personal phone bills, too.

Cheaper calls around the world – Finally, and crucially, every telephone call you make will be going out over your new VoIP network. Therefore, instead of paying your telecoms provider, such as BT, for calling locally or internationally or contacting a customer on their mobile, you’ll be paying a vastly reduced per-minute rate, and access charge, by making all of your calls over the internet. With better call quality  from that provided by conventional phone lines, why would you want to wait any longer to see how VoIP can help you in reducing business phone bills?

To find out more, we’re here to help on 0800 0886 886 – and, yes, we’ll be speaking to you on our own VoIP phone system!