How to improve staff productivity

14th August 2019

In the modern world, keeping staff productivity levels high is an important factor to consider for protecting the business against losing customers to its competitors. You wouldn’t want to be called away from an important job just to answer a phone call that’s for someone else. If you’re constantly answering the phone it wastes valuable time and makes concentrating difficult.

You could of course employ a full time receptionist to answer all your company’s incoming calls, but this isn’t always practical – unless you are receiving a great number of calls each day, you’ll be paying an extra salary for very little return.

How to ensure staff productivity isn’t affected

It’s so easy when you know how! With an IVR (Interactive voice response) from Planet Telecom, every caller will be greeted with a welcome message and a list of options to choose from using the DTMF function on their telephone keypad. (Press 1 for sales, 2 for accounts, 3 for technical support) So your customer will be able to direct their call to the right department themselves.

How flexible can making changes be?

We understand that changes may happen in a company, where members of staff come and go, offices move and departments change. That’s why our IVR service can be controlled through the Planet Telecom Online Portal at any time of day or night, all for free!

Receiving too many concurrent calls? 

Our call answering service can professionally handle the phone calls that you’re unable to answer yourself. We will answer your calls in your company name, collecting all the information you require such as the callers name, phone number and a brief message or additional information you require.


Bronze Package


Silver Package


Gold Package


£24.99 monthly fee


£49.99 monthly fee


£94.99 monthly fee


20 included messages


50 included messages per month


100 included messages per month


additional messages just £1.75 each


additional messages just £1.50 each


additional messages just 95p each


We offer three different packages – all are extremely cost effect for any business compared to the cost of hiring additional members of staff, but it especially stacks up for start up businesses on a tight budget.  With our call answering service, you’ll now be able to call back the serious customers and filter out all all the nuisance and sales calls without letting your concentration get interrupted – freeing up precious time to focus on tasks that really matter.

If you are interested in any of our services and would like to get started please give us a call, free on 08000 886 886.