How to grow your SME with cheap international calls

18th June 2018

Where are your SME’s next opportunities for growth? They are probably overseas, but you could face tough competition in your pursuit of them. According to recent research mentioned by Business Matters, some 1.3 million UK SMEs hope overseas markets will power their growth during the coming twelve months. These firms could better exploit these markets by paying less for global calls.

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Phone home to phone far from home

According to the survey, which queried decision makers and owners of the country’s SMEs, a quarter reported intending to investigate sourcing returns from international trade. Europe, North America and Asia were the regions that came under the strongest focus among the survey respondents, with even Brexit having not pushed the European Union out of contention as a key market.

Your own company might be eager to follow the same path as these SMEs; however, this would call into question exactly how you should scale up your organisation. Paradoxical though it may initially seem, you might not bring in the increased financial haul that you would like unless you develop your company’s internal structure – and, to be more exact, phone system.

A VoIP system can provide a suitably flexible solution

Just like an athlete can’t expect themselves to move flexibly unless their attire is of material conducive to this, you can’t expect your company to progress similarly rapidly unless its phone system ticks the right boxes. A VoIP phone system would tick those boxes.

At Planet Numbers, we can let your company utilise a hosted VoIP phone system where both incoming and outgoing calls would be sent through the Internet. Furthermore, the cloud-based network upon which this service would be built can be easily expanded as necessary.

For example, as Business News Daily points out, the cloud would let you easily open new lines. However, all of those lines would feed into a single VoIP phone system, meaning that all of your calls can be managed with ease. You could do that from an online dashboard which we provide for you.

The savings with a VoIP solution can be immense

Another boon of using a hosted VoIP phone service from Planet Numbers would be the significant financial savings this would make possible. Consider that most users of our VoIP service see their monthly phone costs slashed by a staggering 75% at the least! However, the savings could even reach as high as 90% – no small benefit when you want to make calls across international borders.

Furthermore, by acting now to implement your staff’s access to a VoIP system, you could help give your company a vital edge on its competitors. According to a white paper from IDC and cited by, a mere 35% of small businesses deem digital technology an efficiency enabler – and 45% of UK small businesses consider IT more of a necessary cost than a growth facilitator.

By phoning our free helpline on 0800 088 6543, you can learn more about why the companies in that 45% are mistaken.