How Do International Business Phone Numbers Work?

23rd September 2021

Growing your company to an international scale can be an attractive opportunity many business owners set as a long-term goal. By doing so, you gain better visibility, leading to an increased number of customers that will enable you to stay on top of your competitors. 

However, getting your business to rise on this type of scale is no easy task as it comes with multiple challenges as you progress further. 

There are multiple ways you can use to confront these hurdles more efficiently. It all begins with streamlining your process and creating a system to help you achieve your company’s goals and needs. Using international toll-free numbers, for example, can simplify the process of global expansion. 

When you adopt free international calls, you are already taking a step ahead of your competitors. But before you can successfully take on this new strategy, you need to understand better what it is first and how it works. 

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The Ins and Outs of International Phone Numbers

An international phone number is a contact that allows businesses to field phone calls from countries outside of their own. This can make a uniform dialling protocol consistent across all other areas, either local or international. At the same time, these numbers are typically local or toll-free as well. 

For customers to reach an international number, they must first input the country code they are calling, followed by the area or city code, then the phone number itself. If you want to create your international contact, you must first sign your business up for an account with a service provider and have them activate it. 

These services can also provide you with a Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone system to create your international number. 

An international business phone number can come with the following features:

  • Call recording

With a VoIP system, your agents can automatically record all incoming calls for data collection purposes. Once a call is done, this is saved into the system, which you can access at any time. This can be convenient if you need to check for details that occurred during a conversation. 

  • Number porting

This benefit allows you to freely upgrade your business communications without the need to inform your customers. Through this feature, your business can switch to another provider while keeping the same number. 

  • Automated voice technology

You can set up an automated directory whenever a customer reaches out to you with your provided number. This can help decrease the number of agents you need and speed up the communication processes.

  • Call queuing

Using a VoIP system, you can create custom call queues based on the settings you adjusted on your system. This feature is beneficial if your business receives multiple calls at once. It can also be an excellent help for quickly directing a customer to the right agent or department, reducing wait times.

  • SMS / text messaging

Having an international phone number also grants you the benefit of sending messages through text. You can also deliver mass text messages to a select group of customers to speed up operations.

Advantages of Having an International Phone Number for Your Business

There are several reasons why you should highly consider adopting an international phone number for your business. Here are some of a few benefits you can get by doing so.

  • Readily available

Compared to traditional systems, signing up for virtual phone service is quicker and more straightforward. The process can be accomplished in mere minutes, where you would only need to access a website or app from the service provider of your choosing. 

  • Costs less than traditional systems

One of the most significant benefits that a business can gain from having an international number is access to cheap international calls. This is because you can save on additional expenses and redirect those resources to other priorities. 

  • Wider customer reach/establishes an international presence

Even with a small business, adopting an international number can quickly give you more visibility in other countries. At the same time, it is an excellent opportunity for you to compete against more prominent brands and develop your business strategy along the way.

  • Your customers save money

Toll-free numbers indicate that your customers will not face additional charges for reaching out to your business. As a result, you can make them feel more comfortable reaching out to your brand and engaging with your team. 

  • Pick as many numbers as you need

With an international phone number, there is no set limit to how many accounts you can create. You can leverage this benefit by creating different contact details for your company’s various departments. 

  • Can be assigned to any device

There is no set rule that an international phone number has to be set to a mobile device or landline expressly. Thanks to this advantage, you can assign a number to any device to simplify communication, such as tablets, laptops, and desktops. 

International Levels at Your Fingertips

Growing your business on an international level can be a challenging but rewarding opportunity that lets you get ahead of your competitors. With the use of an international phone number, you can reach out to new customers and expand your brand’s visibility wherever you are. 

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