How Can Planet Telecom Help Your Business in an Emergency?

1st October 2019

If you thought that England’s weather woes were over, the weekend proved otherwise. Flood warnings continued to saturate the airwaves, putting Wales on high alert. People in Wrexham were told to expect heavy rain on Monday afternoon.

Public transport remained frozen in many parts of the country. Naturally, the flooding also disabled businesses. But none of this is new to you. The events of the previous week have trained you to expect the worst. So what can you expect from us?telecoms during adverse weather

Well, despite what people presume, we are not just some glorified telecom delivering cost-effective phone answering services. Our products are vast and the offerings we bring to the table are perfectly positioned to aid you during this trying time, for instance:

  1. Our call intro service is perfect for businesses that are currently closed but which need to tell employees and customers alike to stay away because of flooding. Rather than an ordinary welcome message, consider using our call intros to pass on vital information even when you are not at the office.
  2. With our call routing plans, you have the option of directing your calls to multiple locations. This gives callers to your business line the option of talking to a live person as opposed to the interaction they might have had with your welcome message.
  3. If you have chosen to redirect calls to your mobile or home phone, our call queuing services will enable you to juggle calls from multiple people. Call queues are particularly useful if you provide products and services that are essential during emergencies.

If you attract high volumes of calls, our call queue service can help you manage this.

  1. Natural disasters such as flooding typically generate panic and that can complicate phone calls. If you keep stumbling into interactions where your callers are too panicked to make much sense or the situation in their vicinity has made their call inaudible, our call recording facilities will give you the option of reviewing previous conversations and identifying any relevant information.
  2. You wouldn’t expect our call whisper services to matter but they might be the most important of all. Call Whisper services are supposed to reveal the identity of callers as well as their intentions. Within a corporate setting, the information a call whisper provides will allow you to prepare adequately for queries before you pick a call.

This sort of preparation is crucial for interactions in emergencies. If you know where your customers are calling from and you have a general understanding of the suffering their location has endured as a result of the tumultuous weather in the UK, the preparatory steps you will take before picking their call will enable you to resolve their queries effectively, accurately, and expediently.

It sounds ludicrous to suggest that a telephone answering service can benefit a business owner during the worst weather the UK has seen all year. And yet, you cannot refute the crucial assistance our numerous offerings can provide. To apply for any of our services during emergencies, simply dial 0800 0886 886 to speak with one of our agents.