How Call Tracking Numbers Improves ROI

30th March 2019

Advertising is the number one way of boosting sales and brand awareness of your business to the public. But not all advertising is equal. That’s where Planet Telecom’ call tracking service steps in to help.  With call tracking you can see exactly where your enquiries are coming from and find out which media performs best, providing the biggest return.  And more importantly, you can easily identify which ones don’t.

What is call tracking?

call tracking service

Call tracking allows your business to see directly where your incoming sales calls are coming from. We provide a number of unique 0800 Freephone, 03 numbers and local 01 & 02 numbers for you to use in different pieces of marketing – for example direct-mail shots, newspaper and magazine advertising and even individual pages on your website.

Simply check the real-time call statistics via our website and you will see which ads, which publications, which hours and days of the week and even which size ads are most cost-effective for your business.

You can then make those important decisions on whether or not change the advertising that’s not doing too well or ultimately get rid of it and focus most of your budget on the better-performing campaigns to reduce wasteful spending and result in financial gains.

What packages do we offer?

We’ve created four call tracking packages to suit most budgets and needs, but if you would like something tailored to your business, please get in touch today.

Package Name Choice of Numbers Price per month
Tracker 5 Choose 5 x 01/02/03, 0800 and 084 numbers £39.99
Tracker 10 Choose 10 x 01/02/03, 0800 and 084 numbers £49.99
Tracker 25 Choose 25 x 01/02/03, 0800 and 084 numbers £99.99
Tracker 50 Choose 50 x 01/02/03, 0800 and 084 numbers £149.99

Free extra features with every call tracking solution

These additional features ensure your incoming call management is as simple and cost effective as possible.  And even better, it can help you provide better customer service. They can all be managed from the Planet Telecom online control panel.

Call Queuing tells callers they’re held in a queue and it will start playing them music as they wait until they have been put through to the next available agent.

Call whisper tells you which number has been called, so you will have a head ups before speaking to the caller on which product or advert they have responded to.

Time of day routing automatically routes your call to our chosen destination depending on the time of day, or day of the week.

We also offer a call recording service, so when you purchase a call tracking package, you can record your incoming calls for just 1p per minute. Your customers will get told that calls may be recorded (for training and quality purposes). Call recording is very beneficial as it will give you training material for other colleagues, and also stops disputes of who said what and to who.

The response data you get from our call tracking package will have a massive impact on the decisions you make and ultimately the ROI of your advertising spend. If you’re interested in finding out more, call us free on 08000 886 886.