How an answering service helps you plan your working day effectively

17th May 2019

Here’s an interesting question: how much time do you put into running your business? Perhaps you actually thrive on being a workaholic and getting by on little sleep – as certain historical figures, including Winston Churchill and Napoleon Bonaparte, have reportedly done.

Still, no matter how many working hours you like to squeeze into your day, there are risks of trying to handle too much too often. That’s why you shouldn’t be quick to scotch the merits of an answering service, which can reply to particular phone calls on your company’s behalf.

Here are a few reasons why introducing an answering service to your corporate arsenal could streamline your work schedule to leave you with fewer disconcerting distractions.

answering service

The service can free up time in your working day

While voicemail is another option for tending to calls you can’t personally answer, it could come across as too impersonal for someone who is reaching out to your company for a specific reason.

However, with a telephone answering service from Planet Numbers, the phone doesn’t have to be left ringing more than thrice before one of our professional, friendly UK operators picks it up. That can let you spend the freed-up time on important contracts or building assets, says Entrepreneur.

You can prevent productivity-sapping interruptions

When you do take calls, do you often find yourself answering little questions for which the answers are already on your company’s website? For example, do you often have to specify your return policies or answer basic questions about your products?

This is worrying – because, according to Small Business Trends, it can take 23 minutes and 15 seconds on average to return to the swing of things after a workflow is interrupted. Imagine how heavily that wasted time can add up across the working day.

An answering service can handle rudimentary tasks

When you opt for the Planet Numbers telephone answering service, you can tell our operators exactly what to say upon answering a call. You shouldn’t underestimate the breadth of services which these operators can carry out for your company in your absence…

Consider, for example, that an answering service can be used for taking customer orders, as Small Business Trends explains. If your business often needs to schedule appointments, such as for customers, clients or patients, an answering service can take that responsibility off your hands, too.

The service can be left running month after month

Here at Planet Numbers, we offer our telephone answering service through a wide choice of monthly contracts. It’s up to you whether you opt for a Bronze, Silver or Gold package; the higher the tier of package, the higher the number of messages covered under the asking price.

It’s also your decision whether you use this answering service for just a month at a time, such as during relatively hectic sales phases, or leave it on a rolling contract. However, the latter can be especially convenient for helping you to prevent accidentally missing out on especially valuable sales calls.