Have You Considered a Telecoms Audit?

14th April 2021

When you first set up telephony for your business, it is probably tempting to make things as simple and as cost-effective as possible. That makes sense! No one sets out in their everyday lives to create more expense or unnecessary work for themselves. However, when you set up telephony for your office in the first instance, what may seem to be the simplest option may actually end up being more hassle for you in the long run.

How do you really know that your telephony is working hard for you? Are you answering all the calls you potentially can? Is your telephony flexible enough to support remote working? Moreover, is it giving you genuine value for money?

If you are curious about whether or not your business telecoms are actually giving you genuine value from day to day, it may be time for a full telecoms audit. But what does this involve? And why should you get in touch with the team at Planet Telecom in the first instance?

You Could Be Paying Over the Odds

The fact is many business owners actually end up paying more than they bargain for when it comes to regular telephony. That could cover anything from data contracts to phone call costs, specific prefixes and number utilities.

It’s not always easy to see the wood for the trees when it comes to regular telephony costs. In many cases, businesses will sign up for flat packages that make sense at the point of setup. This means that they may appear cheap and cost-effective to begin with, but there may be hidden costs.

Therefore, you need to take a fine toothcomb to your bills and your regular usage. But what do you need to look for? It’s more than just checking those tariffs and occasionally higher fees.

A Professional Audit Helps You Look Deeper

When you contact experts to look closely at your telephony rates and fees, you can expect them to probe deeper than the fees suggested above. At Planet Telecom, we will take a look at not only what you use, but how you use such services.

We’ll analyse your telephone usage, your internet usage and data connections, and whether or not your call packages are actually saving you cash.

We’ll also work out if there are any packages or connections you can set up with to start saving hassle and money in the long run. The best part about our auditing service is, of course, that it is absolutely free.

If you are tearing your hair out over the various costs that come with running business telecoms smoothly, then you are going to need to get in touch with someone – or a team, at least – who knows what to look for.

It’s Time and Effort Saved

When running a business, the absolute last thing you want to do is end up running up higher fees and wasting more time than you have to. It just makes sense. However, actively looking into your call usage, regular fees and more can take a lot of time in and of itself. That’s why, from an efficiency perspective alone, it really does make sense to let a professional team handle the auditing for you.

If you have never set up a telecoms audit before, there’s nothing to worry about! We will be completely impartial and will protect your privacy. With that in mind, you can rest assured we will take great care to gently analyse your bills, how your business operates in terms of comms, and will have a firm action plan ready for you ASAP.

Planet Telecom is a name in business telecoms support that is always ready to help new and established brands alike. If you’re struggling to work out a financial or telecoms plan for your business, then now is the time to get in touch with our experts.

Just take a look at our telecoms audit page for full details, and when you’re ready to move ahead, either call us on 0800 088 6886, or complete our web form for a 24 hour call back. Taking back control of your telecoms and charges really couldn’t be simpler! Let Planet Telecom be the only team you ever need call.