Generate Leads: Why Sales Call Tracking Software Is Essential

28th February 2020

Advertising is a necessary part of any business. But are you spending your money the best way possible? It’s hard to keep track of all the advertising mediums, let alone what medium best fits your company.

Staying ahead of the curve and learning what type of advertisement best suits your business’ needs can make the difference between a profitable advertising campaign and a loss.

If you’re looking to generate more leads in 2020, read on to learn why sales call tracking software is essential for your business.

Why Does Sales Call Tracking Software Matter?

You may be under the impression that your business’s landline doesn’t matter anymore, but it does.

It’s natural to have such a supposition in today’s world. After all, smartphones rule the world. Facebook and Instagram ads are the most effective way to advertise, right?

Not necessarily. A 2016 Xad report showed Millenials prefer calling businesses over filling out online forms. It seems the 21st century hasn’t devalued the human voice as much as we thought.

Furthermore, the report showed 80% of people who click on PPC ads call the business after they have clicked on the advertisement. It’s natural—people need confirmation and clarification.

What Does Sales Call Tracking Software Do?

Sales call tracking software gives companies access to valuable sales and market analytics. With sales call tracking software, businesses have the tools to optimise their advertising and marketing campaigns and save money.

Call tracking gives you the vision to see which ad campaigns are producing and which are not. Is it your television ad that’s generating your leads or the fliers you sent across town? Sales call tracking software answers that question.

Advantages of Using Phone Call Tracking

No matter what field you’re in, sales call tracking software provides valuable benefits. Here are just a few.

Monitor Your Advertising Budget as You Spend it

Call tracking allows you the chance to optimise your advertising while it’s running.

Is that PPC ad not performing like you thought it would? Maybe it needs to be replaced with different content? Perhaps it needs to be run on a different platform?

Whatever the case, sales call tracking software shows what’s working and what’s not in real-time.

Present Your ROI With Confidence

Determine exactly how much return you’re receiving from your investments on marketing and advertising campaigns. Adjust your funds based on the data.

Recapture Leads

Deliver when it counts. Dazzle customers who say no to your product by responding to their individual needs. Is your sales team losing out to a particular objection?

Sales call tracking accumulates customer data so you can analyse what’s missing from your business.

Confidently Predict the Future of Your Business

Sales call tracking software prepares you for the future with useful data. It takes out the guesswork and puts the power in your hands. You’ll no longer be wondering whether a PPC campaign or a television ad is the right way to spend your advertising budget.

Find out If Sales Call Tracking Is Right for Your Business

Marketing can make or break your business. Stop guessing and make decisions with confidence.

Planet Telecom provides businesses with the tools to act now and stay on top of their game. Contact our professionals to see if sales call tracking software is right for your business!